The dreaded STRETCH MARKS!!!

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Default The dreaded STRETCH MARKS!!!


From years of losing and gaining weight I have some unsightly stretch marks on my tummy, breasts, and under arms. Have any of you ladies found a good product to help reduce them at all? I'm young and determined to get into a bikini next summer and feel comfortable. After weight loss and toning this is the next thing.
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Hey Hippy, and grats on your weight loss so far! Using any body lotion is always helpful, whether it's for stretch marks and/or loose skin. Making sure you're getting Vitamin E is important, too. I myself am a fan of cocoa butter lotion. Any brand seems to do the trick; there's also a 'super-concentrated' version as well if you want some deep conditioning. It also does not cost that much, especially in comparison to the fancier body lotion out there. Hope that helps.
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I've been using regular lotion, and I really think it is helping my skin/ stretch marks as well as the firmness of my breasts (although, I think it's more the massaging every night that's helping with circulation. Also- the inch loss means less stress put on the stretch marks). I just picked up some specialty stretch mark formula lotion that has collagen, Shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin e, and something I can't remember for now. I'll let you know in a few weeks (if I can remember!) how it's working. Also- I heard daily exfoliation is great for renewing the skin, so it probably helps reduce stretch marks (along with massaging the area and adequate moisture and nutrition). Along with consuming enough vitamin E as the above poster mentioned, also make sure your intake of zinc is adequate. Zinc helps with the elasticity of the skin. I picked up a supplement to take on days I'm not 100%, but it's too soon to tell if it's going to make a visual impact on my skin.
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If you think you have stretch marks now, just wait until you've had a baby or three. Ugh. I have so many stretch marks that even my stretch marks have stretch marks. At one point I just decided that I'm going to have to look good in clothes, because any show of skin is just gonna draw a line of pointing whispering gawkers . I've tried everything on them, and although some of the products made the marks less noticeable, in the right light you can still see every one of them. I think the best cream I've tried was the Nivea firming body lotion, but seriously it smells really bad.
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I use Bio Oil, and I really have no idea if it is working. The instructions say it takes months to notice a difference. Shea butter is also a great moisturizer, that might work. I've considered laser therapy to get rid of my stretch marks...

I saw a clip on a TV show that says heat and massage help with collagen production (via increase in circulation), so if you massage in a hot shower, that might help ???
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