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BIG BIG BIG NEWS!!!! Or should I say "small" news? I'm officially under the "obese" stick this morning, I weighed 161.8 pounds, and the obese cut off for me is 162, so now I'm just plain old 30 pounds overweight!!!!! The Wii Fit Plus said "dink dink dink that's overweight" to me this morning" instead of "dunk dunk dunk that's obese". Very pumped about that and I also got in a good 48 minute workout on the elliptical, I might have gone 60 but I got started late (no!) and my extra kiddies arrived earlier than usual.

I'm going to be extra good today because tomorrow we're going to the in-laws and when they ask how the diet is going I want to be able to say "I'm no longer obese". And believe me, they will ask.

Okay, blackrhino, I'm over it, now it's your turn.... Take it away girlfriend.

jay, good luck on getting your foot straightened out. And I seriously think that if I ever do need prosthetic legs I will get longer ones than I should have. I have a really good friend that had a bilateral mastectomy as part of her breast cancer treatment. Do you know what she did? She told her doc that if she had to lose the ones she had been carrying around for the last 55 years, could he please give her some like young Joan Crawford had? I tell you what she came out of that whole breast cancer ordeal a whole new buxom broad, looking younger and better than she had in years.

skinny, glad to hear you're still at it. Hopefully you'll feel better any second now.

patti, care to start another "weakend challenge"? I'm going to need to do something with that in-law visit.... Ugh.

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Hey that is great Almeeker to be overweight. Who'd a thunk! Well I am getting back down to my last week's loss. I had picked up three pounds because of not eating well after hours and the problem that I had. Well yesterday, I ate 1700 something calories and that was it. I paid attention to my body and I also took my evening pills later than usual. I was hoping to be asleep when the urge to eat came. I was still awake and I looked at the clock and about an hour to an hour and a half had past, so I guess that is what I need to be aware of because that's when I got the urge for something. I know that most cravings are supposed to subside after a few minutes so I was determined to ride it out. I stayed up a little later and had a total of two waves at which I was successful of overcoming. So I said all this to say that I had my third good day since starting on the twentieth of last month. And whereas I am not usually hungry for breakfast or a breakfast eater, but try to eat it within two hours of rising, this morning, I was actually hungry and have already had my bowl of cereal. I enjoyed it so much more because I wanted it, then eating it for metabolism purposes.

Have a great day ladies!
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Ldybug - Welcome, welcome! It sounds like you and I are in similar places - I'm 28 with a 16-month-old and have also been overweight most of my life, and of course, the pregnancy didn't help that any. Getting healthy for you will have two benefits - being able to conceive and being a healthy mom for your children!

Skinny - How are you feeling today? Any better? Good luck at bootcamp(s) this weekend, I admire your resolve!

Almeeker - Shut up, sistah! I can't believe you're now just overweight! "Dink, dink, dink" sounds a helluva lot better than "dunk, dunk, dunk"! And I know what you mean about sabotaging. I usually do it in the form of rewards...like getting into my pants that I wore before my son was born made me feel so good that I walked right to the freezer and got a couple of Thin Mints. WTF?!? I corrected myself later that night though and threw all Girl Scout cookies in the garbage. It's stupid to think that we're not worthy of success. We are, and we should demand it of ourselves!

Jaynie - Good luck with your appt. today. I hope that you're able to get everything all straightened out (literally) and hopefully that will make exercising and just plain getting around a lot easier and less painful for you. And I'm glad you were finally able to, um, "clear out" so to speak! I bet that will mean some weight loss for you too!

I weighed in this morning for my Thursday weigh in and lost .6 pounds. It's not much, but I didn't expect much because I have not done the best this week, so I'm happy for a loss at all and not a gain. I have been so hungry for some reason. I was keeping to between 1200-1400 calories for about 4 weeks, and I finally hit a wall with that. It might mean I lose weight slower, but there are times when I need to eat 1500-1600 just to keep from being so exhausted and sluggish. I'm really going to try to keep it in check this weekend though because next week will be killer for me - 3 work luncheons and the impending arrival of Aunt Flo.
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Morning everyone!!!
*weak*end ....lol how appropriate Almeeker! As soon as Im done here I will start the challenge. I sooo need it this weekend. Been just hanging on my plan but havenít done any exercise all week..trying to rest this shoulder. I have a workshop on Saturday and I donít know how Im going to do it..may just have to watch. Its for pottery...one good thing I wont be near food all day...maybe Ill have a on plan weekend!
Almeeker I havenít had a cortisone shot..my dh had them in his elbows a few times and found out afterwards that even though there is relief you tend to over use the joint due to not feeling any pain. So Id rather not...it will just take time.
Erinn a short term goal for me is to be *obese* as well . That even sounds bad as I write that..
Jay what are you going back to school for? I have never been close to goal but have heard from others how they will sabotage themselves because its scary for them to think they are not *fat* anymore. Jillian moves in addressed this to a participant last week on her new show. The girl still felt like she was overweight...and not pretty...etc. It was sad to watch. I donít know how it feels and do wonder about it sometimes. Of course my immediate reaction is....what are you complaining about?? Your skinny! Like that will solve all my problems. I would love to be skinny (healthy)...but I realize there is still alot of mental issues no matter what size you are at...
Egm congrats on the loss...I count fraction of pounds as well....if it makes you feel good its all good.
Erin hope your head feels better..cant imagine having miagranes with a toddler at home..and a walker to..now the fun begins . You will be getting more exercise in chasing him around!
Julia walking outside is the best isnít it? I have a membership for the ymca and walk the track there but as soon as im done babysitting for the summer i will be putting the miles in outside! Did that all last summer and it felt great to get up in the morning and head for a walk before doing anything else. Set the tone for the day..know what I mean?\
Chris down another pound!!! Good for you..with all the craziness right now with you that is fantastic!! Good luck getting thru the busy week ahead for you.
Ok off to start the challenge here...have a good day everyone.
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Hi All! Here it is to Thursday and I've hardly checked in this week.

I think I mentioned earlier this week that my dryer died last weekend in the middle of my big "closet cleanout".

It's funny, I have stacks of dry, clean jeans, and a line and drying rack of wet, drying jeans and I'm simply floored by two things:

1) How many pairs of jeans I own and can't fit into.
2) How the sizes within the same size, brand and style of jeans can vary from pair to pair with no apparent reason.

Kind of exciting though, I put my "fat fat jeans" in the Goodwill bag and found I think 6 pairs that fit that didn't before...I still am working hard at the food thing for the most part, but have been not exercising as much between this cold and the crazy week.

But tomorrow is my birthday and the 365 day countdown begins for about 104 pounds to go!!!! I want to weigh 160 by my 43rd birthday!!!!

Hope all are well, and recovering from various ills, injuries and pains. Rock on you lovely ladies!
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Happy B'day to you. Happy B'day to you (and many more). Good to hear about your finding jeans that fit. I have about three pairs that I probably need to lose another ten pounds to get into them.

Well, I finally can join the able bodied folks and have regular slightly slew feet, when I sit, but look straight when I walk because of my gait. I finally took Zoey in this afternoon since I wasn't afraid of tripping over my feet and only had to worry about tripping over her. I am a real space case or fruit loop. I kept wondering why she was putting on weight and it completely slipped my mind that she had a thyroid problem. That's a big one folks. My mom had dementia and I worry about getting it. She got it when she was around 65. But, the difference is, once reminded I knew she had it. I had them look in the computer and the last time I purchased it was 9/9, so I guess over the hub-bub of T'giving and Christmas, it completely left my mind to reorder. When I was younger, my friends called me the absent minded professor, so this is typical for me. I can analyze and figure out the hardest things but often look past the obvious. Oh well; it's been a good day. Let's hope tomorrow I get a little bit of exercise in--at least five mins. I am not going to set my goal high because I haven't walked since February.

Have a nice evening, ladies.
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Default checking in

sorry I haven't had much time this week, been super cleaning around the house and started the mulch on the front yard. It has been so great to do this without needing help and struggling for breathe. It has so motivated me to try harder things.

It seems like everyone has had a tough week too- hope everyone is feeling better and the medical issues are being resolved- good job almeeker on having your doc comment on your weight lifting- all that hard work is paying off !!

welcome to all the new friends, everyone here has been so helpful and it really helps emotionally for me to read how everyone is doing.

as posted before, emotionally been up & down, still talking to ex and that is going good, but only time will tell for sure. I have not let it get me down or stop my plan though which is a good thing, have eaten very healthy this week and had my first spaghetti squash of the season. Found some in the grocery store last week - love the stuff and so easy to fix.

unfortunately, the walking was stalled a little, but hoping the extra work at home has been making up for it- time to get back on track.

congrats to all the closet cleaning as well- it is so great to get into clothes that has been packed away. lol , or of course new ones !!
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Default Yes!

Ok..... couldn't go to bed without telling all you glorious gals how the weigh in went.... btw, can you tell I feel better!? TONS TONS TONS better - I'm back, and my fat is a-tremblin'!

Ok, so for laying in bed, doing nothing, barely drinking and NOT journaling - I lost 1.5 pounds. I'm not stressing, just to see that scale have a lower number after a full week off of my routine is uh-mazing.
Today was great - swam 14 laps, cycled 7 miles and rocked my weight lifting routine. I just tried to see how much I could bench - max, not repetitive - and I am at 140 pounds bench press! Oh yea, Mamma is getting BUFF. I still have a ways to go before I am no longer obese, but I know I will get there. It makes me GIDDY to think that in 20 pounds I am in the 230's!? Are you kidding me or WHAT!? That's almost 200 pounds out of my life for-ev-er!

I have to get back into the core, but I am fearful of straining my back, today was the FIRST day I haven't been in terrible pain at the end of the day and I would rather just keep it there.

Great job ladies! You are SO inspirational, motivating and it is awesome reading about your progress. Have a great Friday!
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No, you are awesome, Erinn. To think you started out at over 400 pounds and can do what you do. I have a goal board, which happens to be down now because I am in the midst of slowly redecorating and perhaps painting in here, that has things that I want to accomplish. Losing weight was one thing. I didn't meet my goal because the board had been up for a couple of years, but when I do accomplish something that is on it, it makes me feel especially good. I finally went swimming about a year and a half ago and that was wonderful. I used to love to swim as a child. I am telling you guys all this because Erinn mentioned her cycling and that is one of the things that I have had on the board. Right now, I know from getting on regular exercise bikes that my feet slip off. I need those feet thingies that hold your foot on the peddle, but I would love to ride a bike again, but the cost is a little prohibitive since I have had to pay for all this construction that I have going on in addition to the grant the VA gave me.

I have many things on my goal board. One thing was to go to the beach. I would love to go to an amusement park again and yes I know I am 52, but think of the feeling of accomplishment I would get if I could walk the whole day without having to use a wheelchair. An amusement park is definitely a lot of walking, but there would also be opportunities to rest on the benches. Maybe when my kids and I gather this spring we can visit the small one up here. I know the grands would love it.

I also have on there, and I am doing this from memory, several motivating qotes and different titles from mags, which all have ccome from, indicating other things I want to accomplish. One is about finding love. Ladies, I am not sure on that one. And I hope you don't mind my sharing, but I feel now we are all friends, I am just stuck, stuck in my ways and feel that I have little to offer. I don't know the way to a man's stomach. I don't know how to cook soulfood and have always cooked healthfully. A man from church, I think, would expect that. You should see the spreads at at church. You just look at it and you walk out with twenty extra pounds. Everybody brings in their favorite dish usually passed down, starch, sugar, fat or grease laden dishes, vegetable and meat that are oh so tasty, but just waiting for hypertension or a heart attack to set in. Anyway, I can't cook like that. I don't even know how. I've never made real cornbread, biscuits or anything. My fried chicken sucks as the coating I make causes it to steam on the inside. Oh, I am just awful at down home cooking. No, my food is definitely not the way to a man's heart.

But anyway, as usual, I digressed. I just want to meet someone with which I can have a meaningful conversation. I had one friend and he would eat KFC and fall asleep sitting up on the couch while we were watching a movie. Couldn't talk current events or anything. Had to get rid of him fast. So anyway, that is maybe one of the things on my goal board. I wish my picktures weren't in storage in my spare room with all the furniture from the rooms that are being worked on, so I could find one from where I was thinner in the army to put up there as motivation. My daughter has family photos on her facebook and I saw everybody but me and then I looked again and there I was when she was about five or six and we were coloring eggs at the ktchen table. I have been this way so long that I had forgotten the old me and didn't even catch that it was me. I think that goes along with what everyone has been saying about hitting the mental plateau with losing weight. For me, this is me. Feels like I have been an amputee forever and overweight forever and after having been larger weights, being this size is comfortable for me, both when I look down and see my body compared to other weights and to move around. It's not the diet plateau that I have to get past but the mind one.

But anyway, I feel like I have lost twenty pounds today. You don't know what it was like to have to walk with my foot turned in like that. My feet were spread so far apart to keep my balance that it looked like I was trying to keep a poopy diaper off me. It affected my hip sockets and knees also. Now I am walking just like anybody else and you would not know that I am an amputee. You should have seen how easy he turned the foot. It was so loose and what kept it together was the foam and skin that it had. I could have had a serious fall had I not noticed what wash going on. I feel so much better now and am even breathing better. Being this way takes a lot of energy to walk anyway, but I was breathing through my mouth when I walked and being overly taxed, that's why I feel so much lighter. So let's hope tomorrow morning I throw a dvd in the TV and Walk Away The Pounds with Leslie Sasone.

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Congrats Erinn on the 1.5 AND on feeling good. I was very happy to read your post.

I never made it to WW yesterday so I am going today before I head down to PA for the weekend. I don't own a scale but I think I have lost a little bit this week, but prob not more than 1 lb. We will see soon if I am right. Although I won't be able to post it till I get back from the weekend trip.

Jay, Your posts are always so thoughtful, you seem like a person I would love to sit down and have a conversation with. I'm sorry you haven't found that with someone from your church. Are you specifically looking for a male companion or do you just want a companion--female or male? I say that because even though I love my boyfriend I often feel like girls are better for great convos. If you like talking about politics maybe you can join a town committee for whatever topic and get engaged with interesting people there?

Speedy, glad to hear that you won't let you're taking care of yourself and keeping yourself a priority above the ex.

And congrats Montana on moving down a size and fitting into new (old) jeans! I loveeeeee when that happens.
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