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Smile My Progress

It has been a hell of a long time since I posted here, and I came back to view measurements I had posted.

I went up in weight since those measurements, and had to buy some new clothes as some just didn't fit me any more. I just began to accept my weight and got incredibly upset that I hated the way I looked.

Then my friend suggested that I start a beauty blog for a hobby, as I was also starting to blame work for my weight gain (I get stressed and eat a lot). So I started up my beauty blog and soon became obsessed. I began to like how I looked, trying out different foundations, eye liners, new hair styles... and then I started to look at fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs...

And I had a moment. I knew I'd never been truly happy until I was healthy. So away with the fads, away with the shakes, away with the juice+. I was done with quick ways to lose weight that never lasted and made me starve. I wanted to do this properly.

So I asked the advice of a friend in work who is extremely healthy and she very kindly wrote me out a suggestion of what to eat. To my surprise, she had written down five meals a day.
"You have to keep your metabolism going." She said. "It's more about what you eat at certain times of the day. And don't deprive yourself. I have one day a week that I treat myself."

So I started. And I started going to the gym a couple of times a week. And I started to feel better. Then I discovered a fantastic at home fitness youtube channel that I am obsessed with (fitness! please try it!) and I decided today, after around 5 weeks of eating well and 2 weeks of fitness blender to crawl back onto here and do my measurements.

Surely I'd at least be back to these measurements?

Better. I was less. 4 and a half inches less.

And best of all, I'm not starving myself. I'm not hungry all the time. I'm eating and I'm enjoying my food and not wanting to punish myself for eating. I don't crave chocolate, I'm not pushing myself into a McDonalds. I'm happy.

I feel fabulous. People have been commenting on my weight loss. I feel like I can wear nice clothes again!

I'm so happy. And I encourage everyone to throw away all these silly fads before you hurt yourself. All I see all day are juice diets and cleanses and detoxes and I fell for them. I'm not saying don't drink juice, I'm saying start an eating pattern that you can stick to forever.

I couldn't drink carrots for the rest of my life, even if it did get my to a smaller waist!
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Wow! What a nice post to read! Congratulations on your success! Would you mind giving some examples of what you eat at each of your 5 meals? I too follow fitnessblender and I love Keli and Daniel!! I can't wait to see their new studio they've kept under wraps So which types of FB workouts have you been doing? They have such a good variety!
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Thank you so much!

My breakfast consists of either hard boiled eggs with toast, oats or branflakes with a cup of green tea or normal tea.

Then at about 11 o'clock I have a piece of fruit, usually a banana.

For lunch I'll eat a combination of carbs and protein, usually a chicken sandwich with a packet of crisps and water.

At approx 3 I'll have a protein shake and a yoghurt.

And then my tea is mainly protein, fish, chicken, etc and sometimes some rice!

I do this 6 days a week - and sometimes I even give in and have a naughty iced chocolate frappe in the mornings to wake me up!

I exercise 5-6 times a week with Kelli and Dan!

My favourite exercises are the kick boxing, leg and butt with Cardio intervals, pilates/yoga blend and the fat burning cardio workout! There are so many to choose from I absolutely love them!

What are your favourites?

I was reading your signature and I am also 5"2! It feels like it's more difficult to lose weight when I'm small, because any little bit of weight I do put on feels like more!
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What a great post! You have really come a long way. Good for you! Your post was really motivating. I struggle with eating 5 times a day. I most often eat only 1 or 2 times a day. I have found that my solution for this is 1 or 2 Atkin's shakes with a cup of milk mixed in once or twice a day. So far this is working for me. But if you can manage it, then good for you! It sounds like you are really ready to go on this weight loss / healthy life journey.
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Thank you
I struggle as well to be honest. Especially after I work out, I don't want to eat, but I know I have to otherwise my body the next day feels even worse and I feel sick as a dog. What spurs me on is that I used to be a very unhealthy size 6, and I always had that sick feeling where I could barely move I was so hungry but just didn't eat. So having that sick feeling again really scares me, so I force myself to eat just so I don't have to feel it!

Well done on your progress Jenai
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