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Default Maintaining...

I have to say it's not as hard as I thought. . I watched an old episode of The Biggest Loser recently where a previous winner came to the ranch and had regained all the weight he lost and was on a quest to lose it all over again. I just couldn't understand how he could go back to being heavy.

I think it's true that we have to deal with the issues that got us to being heavy in the first place to truly overcome this problem. Emotional, or comfort eating is a huge problem that has to be addressed, and rewards for me initally were looking in the mirror every morning and not worrying about the buttons on my clothes popping rather than 'oh, I've had a hard day, let's get take away!' I was also motivated by results. Dropping clothes sizes and inches was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, and with every size you drop you know YOU are in control and you are doing this.

Maintaining is different though; you are exactly where you wanted to be, so what now?

My take: you get to the weight you wanted to be, you have a great figure, reward yourself by enhancing it I say!

I'd much rather have a figure hugging, flattering outfit to wear to an event that a slimy slice of pizza that sticks to your teeth and then your hips. I have rediscovered vanity, and although it might be a deadly sin, it works for me. I spoil myself in small ways with clothes and enjoying the fact that I look good in a swimsuit (something I avoided for years!)

I think it would be good to hear from those who have successfully maintained and what the motivation was, but also, those who have lost and regained and why they think it happened.

This is a bit of a selfish thread, because I do still have nightmares about waking up back were I was, I really never want to be there, ever again!
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I'd love to hear about how weight came back on, too. I've lost thousands (I'm sure) of pounds - and put every one back on, sometimes the same pounds over and over again. I wish I could remember how that happened. Vaguely, I recall just sort of slacking off, with the fervor of constant effort gone.
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