lost 9 pounds but it doesn't show :(

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Default lost 9 pounds but it doesn't show :(

I have lost 9 pounds so far and my husband and my family still says that I don't look any different. This makes me feel emotionally low for myself . When did you all start showing that you were losing weight? I just some motivation to keep on going I guess. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by mid july so I am back in my healthy range.
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I just posted the analogy in another thread. So here's some inspiration.
9 pounds is about 2 bags of potatoes from the grocery store. Next time you are in the store, carry 2 bags of potatoes around. Put them down and see how much easier it is to move without them. Feels different, right? You've gradually gotten to 9 pounds- putting down 2 bags of potatoes is instantly losing 9 pounds.

I'm down 37 pounds on my way to a goal of over a hundred. Truthfully, very few folks notice, and it's not the people I see every day.
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First, congratulations on your weight loss!

Secondly, I've got a much larger goal than you - 75 lbs. - and I didn't really notice a huge difference in my body until recently, when I hit the 30 lb. mark.

Did you take your measurements? Sometimes you lose a little bit all over, and you might look proportionately the same (just EVERYTHING is a little smaller!) rather than losing it all from your tummy or hips or thighs. That was happening to me a lot at first - my boyfriend said I really didn't look different, but it's because I was losing all over. He finally started to notice about 5 lbs. ago that I am "definitely smaller."

Try putting on some clothing and see how it fits better. That can always be a booster, and sometimes folks notice clothing fitting better when they don't notice a body change. Those that are around you and watching you get smaller day in and day out won't notice a gradual change all that much. You can also try comparing pictures and pointing things out!
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No one really noticed or commented till I had lost 20-25 lbs. That they noticed was nice and I appreciated it but I always had the mind set I was doing this for myself and the compliments just meant I had changed enough for someone else to notice.
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Thanks everyone! I just needed the motivation to keep going and this helps to know eventually people will notice. I am doing this for myself but I would like to hear my husband tell me that I am starting to look like my pre pregnancy shape I need to lose another 10 pounds and I think i will be happy with myself.
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I remember losing 15 lbs many years ago. No one noticed, in fact one aquaintence admitted later she thought I was stretching the truth . It was finally noticed when I went out and bought some new clothes that were much more flattering to my new shape. All of a sudden I was getting compliments .
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It is hard when nobody notices. Yeah, you aren't doing it for them but some recognition of your efforts never hurts. In my case I have lost almost 35 right now and people that I don't see on a regular basis seem to really notice...especially when I wear my new jeans & stuff that is 3-4 sizes smaller than I wore 3 months ago. Just keep doing what you are doing and one day soon you will start to hear it from others.
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after 20 pounds I started getting comments. Keep in mind that they see you every day so the change may not be so evident to them.

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Default Congrats on the weight loss

I have the same problem...will lose 10 lbs and no one would notice...really, other then the scale telling me I lost, sometimes I wonder myself. However, I always get told it shows in my face....which looks the same to me. This time I'm extremely motivated and a success story I read on these forums gave me the extra motivation to get past this. He took several pictures during his weight loss and you can see the difference. When we see ourselves everyday, the changes are too subtle to notice. So far I've lost 5 lbs and plan to take a picture at every 10 lbs and place them on my frig as my reminder to me that YES...It Is Working.

Great job and hang in there!
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Default they will notice your new confidence

The most important thing is that you know what you have accomplished. When I am fitter I stand differently, am less embarassed of my body and have good posture. They will notice your positive attitude first before they notice the weight. Besides, once when I lost alot of weight I got so many reactions to it that once I was just maintaining, I found it more difficult, because nobody was saying, wow, what a transformation anymore. I was surprised by how that had really motivated me. Whatever works, but even so, there is always a downside to relying too much on the opinion of others. The only person to be healthy for is you, first and foremost. Good luck and keep going. You are worth it.
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