I lost 160lbs, only 25 more to go!

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Wow, talk about sticking to it... You deserve applause.
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Great job-- Care to share your strategies for sticking with it? I am looking for motivation--one day ready to tackle the world the next I really want to eat this or that..

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Default methods

hi deanna, your story is so inspiring! makes me really think it is do-able.
what were your main methods of exercise? i have just started out on my new lifestyle plan this week and am open to lots of suggestions.
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thanks a lot for your wishes and its good to know that you have lost plenty of weight..Its really unbelievable that you lose 160lb.
Can you please share your complete success story alongside the diet and exercise regime?

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I just started a program and was told about Fitday, I finally feel in control of my eating habits.

Keet up the great work...

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Wow awesome job!!!
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Great job!! Wondering if there is a thread to read what diets people are doing?
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It seems like I really come and go on these forums but my computer has serious issues with them. I think I have figured it out and hopefully won't have any more problems in the future.

I have been at the same weight for the past couple of months. No gain, no loss. I have been exercising more than ever. We (my husband and kids) just got back from a 6 day float trip. We canoed 52 miles in 5 days. Before that my daughter and I did a 42 mile bicycling trip in a day. We are doing the Katy Trail across Missouri in "legs". Our next segment will be 87 miles in 3 days. Can't wait to go! Too bad time wont allow for us to do it all at once.

I think I have put on more muscle hence not much weight loss. My daughter swears I am getting "Man Calves" LOL. It has to be from all the bicycling we do now.

Here is a picture from our first trip on the Katy Trail-

I entered the KC SLimdown weight loss challenge with some friends over the weekend. It runs for 10 weeks. I am hoping to lose the last few pounds that I want GONE! Guess I will have to seriously cut back on the calories to kick things into gear. I am still at about 1000-1200 a day so I am not sure what else to do. Does muscle seriously weigh more than fat? If so maybe I need to cut down on the exercise too
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Nice to have you back. Good luck on the 10 week challenge.
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I'm pretty new here and I'm no expert but hopefully others will weigh in on this (no pun intended) and correct my thinking.

First, you look great and healthy in that pic. Is it possible that you are at your best weight? I have no idea but it's just a thought. I hope you are enjoying your success.

Second, maybe your calories are too low for every single day and now your metabolism needs to be shaken up. Somebody here knows more ways to do that than I do but I'm thinking in terms of throwing in a couple of 1400 calorie days.

I would not go lower in calories unless you are offsetting a higher cal day with a lower, and of course keep exercising the way you are.

Great job!
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