I lost 160lbs, only 25 more to go!

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Originally Posted by showmenow View Post
I am now down to 169. Why in the world are the last few pounds so hard to lose? I wanted to be at 160 by May 1st but I only have 10 days left to reach it. I don't see that happening but I am sure going to keep on trying. Even if it takes another month to reach my goal- what the hell. After 1 year and 4 months what is another month?

I have seen drastic changes lately in how my clothes fit. I am now in a size 10. It seems that I pretty much just skipped from 14 to 10. I only wore a 12 for a couple of months. I guess I should focus on that more than my actual weight.

I have been reflecting over the past couple of days. I went out for brunch on Sunday morning with my family to an all you can eat buffet place. I ate salad, chicken and fruit. As I was sitting there watching people walk by with their plates heaping to the point of food falling off- my mind was trying to calculate just how many calories were on their plates! Hopefully I am finally to the point that I would never be able to go back to eating like that because it honestly disgusted me. For the few minutes of satisfaction those people were enjoying, it will take days if not weeks to work it off. To me, it just isn't worth it!

You GO skinny girl!! And thanks for the pics! What you should do is add one from before...

Here are a couple of new pictures. Sorry if they are huge but I am not sure how to resize them. I have now lost 176 pounds-
You are SUCH an inspiration!!! You've lost a whole person!!! In fact I weighed 176 this morning, so you've lost a whole me, and I'm obese! I hear you on watching other people eat now. I got really disgusted at a sports banquet recently, it wasn't so from watching other people eat, it was from watching them encourage their children eat piles and piles of absolute garbage! Argh! I've gotten so bad that I actually volunteered to run the snack bar for the swim meets. I'm going to drag this town (kicking and screaming most likely) into better eating habits if it kills me! Geez, what have I gotten myself into? What have I turned into?

You go skinny girl!!! What you should do is add a "before" pic... Think about it.

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I posted a before picture when I started this thread. It is way back on page 1- post #9. I can't stand to even look at it!

I haven't tried to change the whole town - yet. But I have changed my family little by little. I sneak stuff in and they don't even notice the difference. What have you become? My answer to that would have to be health concious! I think it is wonderful that you volunteered to run the snack bar. People will eat what is there. Rachel Ray was on Good Morning America this morning and was talking about school lunches and healthy things you can give your kids. One thing she suggested was a grilled tofu dog instead of a hot dog. She said kids don't even know the difference. I have found the same to be true with my family. If they don't notice the difference I keep on feeding it to them!

What kind of things do you have in mind for the bar? I would love to hear them!

And as a side note-There was a story on the news just yesterday about how many illnesses people have due to overeating and their diets- high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. It gave the numbers and they were atronomical. They talked to people on the street and their reply was the hectic lifestyles they live and that they eat on the run. What an excuse! I just don't buy it. There are many days that I am gone the entire day and just plan ahead. There is absolutely NO reason that people have to eat out every meal and if they do there are healthy alternatives. I have gone a year and 4 months now without eating fast food of any kind. That includes Subway, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King etc. and they are all within 2 miles of my house!

I hope I don't sound preachy to anyone and don't mean to come off that way but it has to be a choice that people WANT to make. If you don't want it bad enough- you will make up any excuse.

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Wow Deanna, Nice pictures! What you have accomplished is truly amazing, you look so great! It has been a slow process for me, but still moving forward, not ever going to give up!!!!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!
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Default Congrats!

I'm very proud of you. I only want to lose 40 and it has been a huge challege. You give me strength in believing it's possible. Thank you.
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Wonderful! Just out of curiosity how did you lose 160lbs over the course of only one year? That's over four pounds a week. Did you incorporate exercise, also?

Any tips you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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Way to go Deanna. That is a lot of weight in a year. I have lost 100lbs in about 14 months, so I have an idea of your progress.

I like your statement.
Originally Posted by showmenow View Post
Food tastes good for a few minutes- thin feels good forever.

When I started my mission to lose weight I developed a mission statement. It is, "Nothing tastes as good as thin/healthy feels."

Have a fitday
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You look great!!! - thanks for the pics they are inspiring
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Absolutely fantastic.You should be VERY proud of yourself.Your posts are a great inspiration for all of us who are still striving towards our own success.
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I agree!
This is amazing.

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hey im sooo happy for you! CONGRATS!!! i have a question for you im hoping to loose about 75 pounds in 9 months I was wondering what happend to your excessive skin??? im really worried I dont want to have all that loose stomach after getting to my goal weight i dont mind doing exercise to help me tuck my stomach I just want to get advice on what should I do ??? if any one can advice me plz??? THX 2 ALL
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