Working out, losing weight and hair loss

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Default Working out, losing weight and hair loss

Any tips on how we can prevent this? What causes hair loss when it comes to working out and losing weight?
My partner and I have been diligently going to the gym and sticking to healthy foods like tofu, greens, etc. But lately, my partner has been complaining about hair loss. Why could this be? My hair's perfectly fine. Any ideas? I hope it isn't anything serious and my partner doesn't end up needing hair transplant or anything like that. He's been drunkenly watching videos over and over again.

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It's a good topic to discuss with your doctor.
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Hi Kathy. Thanks for the input. I will convince him to go see the doctor before it even became too obvious.
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I've never heard something like that, so it's obvious that working out isn't only limited to losing weight and being fit. I think that there's something that may be interacting with her hair while trying to lose weight.
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It sure does sounds that you are lacking nutrition. I guess if you have no other medical condition that could be the reason. Meanwhile, if I would have the same situation, I will try out the natural remedy first before having any medical intervention. It could be the hormones.

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by taking some vitamins, may be your hair loss stops. i think you should consult hair specialist.
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How many strands per day is your partner losing? Your partner should worry about his hair loss only if he is losing more than 100-120 strands per day. As per my knowledge, workout cannot be the only reason behind his hair loss. Is he taking any supplements? Is he suffering from thyroid or diabetes? There might be other factors like lack of nutrition, hormonal changes etc. I’ll suggest consulting with a good hair loss specialist who can guide him well.

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I'm not sure if it's directly connected to working out though. Or if working out is the major factor in this. Let us know what the doctor finds!
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Yea, you need to talk to a doctor. Definitely not a normal side effect of weight loss.

Edit: Found this article on weight loss and hair loss -
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This is new to me. Go see your doctor. Just as anyone here is saying
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