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Default It's the lack of routine that gets you...

I grew up on a small farm taking care of animals, gardens and fruit and nut trees, I ate like a horse, but, most of my food was what we grew or killed, and most of what little store bought food I was provided with was from a local health food store. Nothing to do but chores, run the woods, swim, fish, hunt, needless to say, I was skinny, probably even a little underweight.

In 1988, I enlisted, and served 4 years. They packed 50 pounds on me, but it wasn't fat by any stretch of imagination.

When I got out in 1992, I spent the next 4 years walking around an 11-floor building for 8-12 hours a day as a security guard.

Then in 1995, I got a sit down job. Up until now, I never watched what and how much I was eating. Soon it caught up with me. By 2000, I was 240 pounds, wheezing walking up and down short flights of stairs, weak (couldn't even do 1 pullup) and was always tired, sick (mostly sinus related), and just generally didn't feel like doing anything but eat and watch tv.

I made several attempts with varying degrees of success: some weird diet that was no carbs except grapefruits, atkins, weight watchers (twice) and each time after getting down to around 209 pounds, I packed it right back on.

So in 2011, I started weight watchers again. I discovered a calculator that would tell me how many calories I actually burned each day (a BMI calculator) and that if I just ate less than that number of calories a day, I would lose weight. A year and 80 pounds later brings us to the present day.

I've been half-heartedly walking/running/lifting weights/doing calisthenics, but now I am embarking on another phase of improvement in the form of a very old but very effective weight training program. Not sure what I will do after that, but I will be sure to share with anyone who wants to hear about it!
weight history:
1995-2011 240+ lbs
2011-2012 calorie counting
2012-present 160 lbs
fitness history:
body looks soft/weak (skinny-fat) in many places
030713 started 84-day weight lifting program
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Congratulations on your weight loss... Any training you do now will only add to your feeling of well-being!
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