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Default New Member Saying Hey Ya'll!

Hey guys I'm Donald from Oklahoma. This sounds like an AA meeting greeting lol. Anyway I am 27 with a little girl on the way (our first). I want to lose weight for not only myself but her and my wife. I am 5'6" roughly and have always said I was 200 pounds.

In high school was my most active time with my activities. I was still considered overweight but I never noticed it. I weighed between 175-190 roughly.

The other day I noticed my work jeans were getting tighter and stepped on the scale and HOLY CRAP 217! I told myself then I needed to lose weight.

In the past two days just watching what I eat and making better choices I have dropped to 211 this morning and increased to 213 by noon without eating anything? You got me. So I can see that just by being mindful of calories is helping.

As far as my activity level I HATE THE GYM! Tried it, most boring thing ever. No music can make it fun. Haven't tried any classes and personal trainer $$$ out of the question. I enjoy things like the throwing the football with my nephews but they can't be here all the time. Thinking about running routes with them next time for a little more exercise. I work in a shop and am on my feet doing at least some physical labor but my doctor says you get use to your job so don't really count that as exercise. I know when it is 110 degrees in the shop it sure feels like exercise. I enjoy taking a stroll around the neighborhood with my wife but with a pregnant wife and the fact we work opposite schedules makes it hard.

Anyway that is me and my story and any suggestions would help.
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Hi Donald,

I am Nancy from Canada, welcome to the site! First of all it would be advantageous to you to weigh in just once a week..wear the same clothes and weigh in at the same time of day, preferably first thing in the morning. It sounds like walking everyday might be the best idea for you, Donald. I walk for half an hour EVERY morning before anything else, that way I schedule it in and it gets done. I wear a headset and listen to books on CD or to music. You can do this Donald..your wife and child and your heart will thank you for it!!

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Nancy's advise is right on target.
I would image that it is hard to get motivated to exercise after a long day on your feet, so you seem like a perfect candidate for the early morning exercise crowd. For me, if I don't get it done first thing in the morning, most likely it just won't get done. So set the alarm a little earlier and slip out the door for a walk around the neighborhood.
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Way to go! My husband has lost 10 pounds and I am so proud of him. He looks hot! I hope you reach your goals. Your baby will benefit from your hardwork because she will be proud to have a Daddy who looks great and you will set a good example of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your wife will likely benefit as well when she's trying to lose the baby fat too! Benefits for everyone!
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Post new


New to FD. I am trying to navigate the site so forgive me if I post in the wrong category.

I started May 30th @ 303lbs. I can't tell you how difficult it is to say that #.
My husband doesn't even know my weight. But if I have learned nothing over the years I have learned to just spit it out and get over it. So here I am.

I started Atkins. Dr. said I have a fat tooth not a sweet tooth. 1st time I heard that one. But while thinking about it I would much rather have anything with butter then a candy bar. Sugar, carbs and my body don't get along. And with the injuries I sustained after a fall several years ago I can't exercise nor get good cardio.

I am hoping this is the answer for me. I am currently down in weight and want to continue on this strong start.

If anyone has any suggestions or recipes, feel free to get in touch.

C-ya on the scale.
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Hi Connie, welcome. I hope you join in the forums; you will find a lot of help and support here. You've made a big step and I'm sure you can build on it.

In addition to the many threads, all of which would be glad to have you post, there is a specific Atkins thread that might have the things you're looking for:

Donald, a welcome to you as well . I hope you both stick around so we can get to know you through the forums.
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TY for the link to Atkins. I will go hop on now.
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Hi Connie and Donald and Welcome. I think I'm still a newbie - been here one week. This site is the bomb! I am also doing Atkins in one week down 5 lbs. More importantly my blood sugar is back down to where it should be.

I also can't exercise much - an injury in '99 has left me with permanent pain which does restrict my mobility. the weather here (Ottawa Canada) has been very crappy this past week, but I will start walking very soon and am hoping once I am down 10-15 lbs. I will find it a little easier to move around.

You both have made the first important step - deciding to change and joining this site will help you keep on track. See you in the forums!
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