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Hi all!

I am new here and looking for some support from some fellow women. I have a long, long story about my struggles with weight loss, as I'm sure we all do. I grew up always being a "bigger" girl - I was tall, big boned, overweight, and gawky. My family also struggled with weight issues, so I never learned how to have a healthy relationship with food and a healthy lifestyle. However, in college, I taught myself how to be healthy, but I yo-yo'd back and forth depending on the semester, the year, or the stress level. I was 225 pounds in 2005 when I was in grad school, and by the time my wedding rolled around in September 2006, I had shred myself to 155 pounds and a size 6 with heavy duty weight lifting and cardio intervals, and tracking foods on Fitday. My husband and I got really into bodybuilding and both were in fantastic shape for our wedding, but like most, I slipped a little after the wedding and gained about 15 pounds back. After that, however, I decided I wanted to try distance running. I started training for my first half-marathon in January 2008 and completed it in May 2008. However, I put on another 15 pounds from running because with hour-long runs a few times a week, I was always starving! Then in June 2008, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I stopped exercising - doctor's orders - and gained 40 pounds during pregnancy. Then in February 2009, I was laid off from my job the day before my son was born, so I spent 6 months unemployed, depressed, and trying to learn how to be a mom. Needless to say, the 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy did NOT come off. I finally have a good job now a year after my son was born, but I'm 235 pounds, out of shape, and unhappy with how I feel and look. I know how to eat healthy and how to exercise, but with working 40+ hours a week and being a mom, it's harder to do than it was in college. I just need some support and I hope I can find some here!
Thanks for listening!
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Hi Egmdobbs-Welcome back to Fitday! You'll find lots of support here. There's a few different threads: 5-15 lb., 30 lb, and 100 lb. based on goals but I'm sure we can learn from each other regardless of specific goals. Congratulations on your job. I work at a gym and you might be surprised how many people work out at 5 am. Not sure if that's an option for you with the baby. If not, home gym? You'll find a way. Anyways, glad you're here!
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Welcome to the party!
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Smile Welcome

Hi egmdobbs! Thanks for putting your story out there. You have a lot in common with a lot of folks here. With all the changes in your life over the past years it's not uncommon that you would be on the roller coaster! You can find plenty of support here...I know it is a challenge to work and be a mom and find time to exercise and plan meals, too. It sounds like you give a lot to others so I am glad you are here taking care of yourself!
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Good for you that you've made up your mind to turn this around and get back into shape. The time crunch will be harder, but since you know about anatomy from weight lifting maybe you can be creative and make up some exercise play time with your baby. He'll probably love to be lifted up or have you bend over him while he's laying on the floor as you stretch your hams, etc. Even though it might take longer, I bet you can come up with a whole routine. Plus, he'll know how important and fun it is to exercise growing up watching you workout.
Good luck with getting back on track - and good for you for your decision.
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