Day 7, same weight.

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Default Day 7, same weight.

It's been 7 days, and I haven't shed a pound... I'm staying exactly where I started. I'm exercising every day, eating healthier, and snacking remarkably less frequent.
I've always been the type that could drop 5 pounds just by turning down a 3rd piece of cake, or saying no to another helping of dinner.
After 2 kids and a journey into my 30's, dropping 5 pounds takes quite a bit more effort.
I have 15 pounds to lose. I've been eating healthy for quite a while (well before any effort to lose weight), but I started cutting out some of my snacking and taking into consideration calorie count so I can start dropping a few pounds.
That didn't work, so I started exercising again. 25 minutes of a sweaty combo workout every morning, and a few times a week I've done 100 crunches and a series of leg lifts and push-ups in the evening.
I've quit my job recently to stay at home with my kids while my husband's deployed. But, I make sure I'm on my feet most of the day with housework and playing with the kids outside. When I get bored, I do some crunches or I wrestle with the kids to keep moving.
According to the charts, my calorie intake (1800-2200) is well below my estimated calories burned (2700-2900). Normally, I would be shedding pounds by now... yet nothing. (2 years ago I was maintaining a healthy weight with no exercise and an estimated calorie intake of 2500-3000, what's up with that?)
Maybe building muscle? I don't know. Maybe my body just realized it's in its 30s and I have to work harder to look good. 7 days in and nothing! It's getting a little discouraging. Perhaps I should eat less??? Yowser, don't tell me that! I do feel better... much better.
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2200 calories would likely be close to your maintenance level at 160lbs unless you are very active. Have you set it for an active life style and still add in those activities? It may be giving you double burn for them. Try logging in sleep, quiet time and all your activities for a few days to see how it comes out. Good Luck You will find what works for you. Mary
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Thanks Mary... I'll give that a try. I've been setting my lifestyle as active and entering in my exercise as well.
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If you can, lower your calories by, say, 500 calories. If you eat the resulting limit of calories every day, do you lose weight? If so, then you've found that place that will work for you, calorie-wise.

That's something you can do right away. As imprecise as calorie measurements can be, the diet side is easier to figure than the exercise size.
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