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Old 08-05-2011, 10:56 AM   #1
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Default Newbie in Dublin, Ireland

Morning all! I'm Mary and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I'm 43 and it kills me to write this down, but I'm 232lbs. I am a single parent to a wonderful 9yr old boy. Over the years, I have blamed him on all aspects of my eating and sedentary lifestyle - can't join a gym because I would have to get a babysitter, can't eat healthy because he doesn't like salads etc!! As a single mum who works full time, it's been difficult to get time for me and difficult to even like myself, let alone learn to love myself.

Over the past couple of years, I've done a tremendous amount of work on myself - some therapy, alot of self-help books (I am a huge fan of Louise Hay ) and of course, prayer!! To cut a very long story short, I have finally had my 'epiphany'!!. I literally woke up about 2wks ago and realised that, hey, I am a wonderful person with alot to offer this world, and I will get my life sorted by becoming more healthy and happy!

So I haven't joined any clubs - haven't joined a gym etc - I have just cut out the odd glass of wine most evenings (another silly excuse I gave myself was that after my stressful day, I 'deserved' wine!), and am eating so healthy. I am drinking more water than I've ever drank and walking everywhere - doing all the things that the best fitness regimes advise - getting off the bus one stop earlier, walking up the stairs instead of the lift etc etc. As of today, I have lost 8lb and am over the moon. My mood has improved and I have gotten my first 'have you lost weight mary' comment in 9years!!

So here's to me and my weight loss - I am loving this website and only found it this week and really hope to share my stories with others.

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Old 08-05-2011, 11:09 AM   #2
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Well hello marypg40, you and I have some things in common. I'm not from Ireland, but my dad's whole family is of Irish decent, I started out at 244.6 lbs, I'm also 43 and I have a wonderful 9 year old as well, although my 9 year old is a daughter (we also have 2 younger daughters). Currently I'm a SAHM, which doesn't come with much of a paycheck, but is never the less a full time + job. I'm so glad to hear that your "healthy+fitness" switch has flipped on. I don't know about you but I get a lot of motivation from my children, I want to be a good example of how to live a healthy life, to show my girls how it's done, so they will lead healthy lives. My mom is a nurse and she said to me that at the hospital where she works when you meet a healthy mom, you meet a healthy family and when you meet an unhealthy mom you meet a sick family. Congratulations on those 8 lbs!!! You're off to a fantastic start.
Starting weight: 244.6 lbs. 10/01/09
Pounds lost: 80.6 lbs
Current weight: 164 lbs
Goal weight: 120 lbs
Weight to go: 44 lbs
Goal Date: 1/1/13
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Old 08-05-2011, 11:20 AM   #3
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Aw thank you for the lovely welcome almeeker! Where are your dads family from? I'll bet I know them

You are so right about being a good role model for my son. I have been parenting alone for a long time - his dad is not involved - I think I wallowed in the sadness of that for a long time (we split when I was pregnant). And then, I had little family support (I have a pretty large, pretty dysfunctional Irish family) and again, I 'lived' in that emotion for so long. I went to my GP recently about my back which keeps me awake most nights - I just went to get some medication but ended up breaking down and telling him I HAVE to LIVE because there is no one to care for my boy if anything happens to me. That was definitely a turning point for me. My weight has been affecting my health for so long now (bad back, low self-esteem, find it difficult running upstairs etc) and I knew that if I continued on that destructive path, I might not be around to see my grandkids!

But something definitely has changed within my psyche - I think the therapy (about the dysfunctional family), the studying self-help books has now come together and I finally 'get it'!

Thanks again for the welcome, it's nice to know I can write this stuff down
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Old 08-06-2011, 04:29 AM   #4
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Welcome aboard Mary. It sounds like you've started a new beginning. I started off just like you, drank a lot of water, started walking and began taking the stairs. I have you stick around a while and have great success. If you have any questions, just ask.
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Old 08-06-2011, 08:18 AM   #5
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I will & thanks

as I said I have used my son as an excuse not to do exercise or eat healthy over the years, but no more...we are going for a long walk this morning, while he will be on his bike.
Funny enough, he eats very healthy himself and spends his days outdoors - but while preparing his food, I would snack on bread or biscuits, and then wouldn't be hungry by the time the meal was ready

I look forward to learning how to move the exercise up a notch once I have my back pain sorted.

Could someone terll me how I do the signature please?

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