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I might as well, not sure how much I'll be using the forums but it's never a bad thing to let people know your story and that your around I guess.

I've posted in a couple of other places already on the forum but here it goes. I've just turned 40 on the 11th of November 2017. On March 7th, 2017 I decided to have a gastric sleeve operation. This has worked wonders but after staying at my current weight within a few pounds of higher or lower, I decided I needed to get off my lazy/self sabotaging butt and work harder to make this tool work better for me!

I've had the fitday PC version for some time now, it was bought as a present from my mother over 10yrs ago now, and thought today was a good day to come back to the site. It's changed SO much! At that time, there wasn't an online version, only PC! It's great to see them with an online option and even an app!

So the highlights of my short story here, firstly though, I live in Belgium! So my weights/heights will be converted and my foods/diary will be a bit off from those in the USA for example. I've been over weight most of my life, starting in my mid-teens and over weight all over my adult life. I will be married for 16 wonderful years this November 23rd and my highest weight was 195.5kilos (431 pounds). On March 7th, 2017 I had a gastric sleeve done. As of today, I'm now down to 156.2kilo (344pounds) but I really really need to do better with food choices and moving/getting exercise as I should have lost more then this and not got stuck for over a month at this same weight.... not with the tools I have taken on!

So I'm here today, trying to keep track of my calories to see what I can be doing, what I should be doing and also to help me keep better track on not just calories/fat intake but my fiber as well which is rather hard to track here in Belgium as they aren't as high on the whole nutritional label thing as the USA are.... god I miss those labels!! I'm also a celiac patient... I can't handle *ANY* amount of gluten what so ever or I just become physically sick for a few days from stomach aches and bathroom issues to fatigue and mental focus problems.

So there is is... I'm a gastric sleeve and celiac patent. I'm certainly in the need to lose over 200+ range but have already lost a good deal of 100 of that! I want to be around 80kilo (176pounds) when it's all said and done but that is a VERY VERY long ways away and most likely a few surgeries for cosmetic purposes to get it there. Skin/excess unable to lost by diet fat weighs a lot! When looking it up, it is said that at 168cm (5'6 roughly) that I should be about 150. I'll settle to be able to be at 180! I have a few things going against me to be at 150 seeing as I'm staring here with a lot of muscle due to being over weight for so long but active and I'm also heavy chested (been that way since a young age before I was over weight) which with even almost 100pounds of weight lose is not changing.
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Welcome! It sounds like you have been through some important surgeries to get to where you are now.

Even though the listings on foods may be different than the what the U.S. requires, maybe you can start keeping a journal of the information that is provided online. Do food companies stil post nutritional information on the internet - for prepared foods? (These can be custom foods in the fitday food log.)

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