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How do I adjust food amounts?


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Default How do I adjust food amounts?

Hi. I just joined today and started putting in what I had for breakfast. I had a scrambled egg (1 fresh egg with 1 tbsp milk). But, when I went to look it up, there must have been 50 entries listed under egg, and I could not find just a regular scrambled egg with milk. When I put in 1 "dry" (not even sure what that means), it would not let me select anything less than 1 cup....I do not think one egg equals one cup. Anyway, it came up with 494 calories, which is way more than 1 scrambled is (I googled it and it is 91 calories). It seems like I can't "edit" any of the amounts. There is a big difference between 91 and 494 for the same food. Am I missing something?
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I don't know what 'dry' egg is - there are powdered egg whites but they have to be lots less in calories, even for a cup!

I would use 'scrambled egg' - choose 1 egg - and add the 1 tbsp of milk separately.

If you search for 'scrambled egg,' it shows up in one of the first 10 or 15 entries as''omelette or scrambled egg.' I'd use that - an omelette really is a scrambled egg.
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The entries listed are generally not helpful and are very difficult to modify. Therefore I recommend Creating your own food items. Leave the portion size as "1 Serving" (don't select 1 cup or 1 oz etc) and simply type your typical portion amount into the Title Space. Then enter the calorie count and nutrition facts for that specific portion amount.

FOR INSTANCE: I eat Steel Cut Oatmeal in the mornings, but there is no entry selection for Steel Cut Oatmeal, so I Created my own. On the jar of my brand of oats, the listed Nutrition Facts are for 1/4 cup of oats, which is what I typically eat. So I Created my own entry, named it "Steel Cut Oats - 1/4 cup", left the portion size as "1 serving", and entered in the calories and nutrition facts from the label of the jar.

You could do the same thing for your brand of eggs and for your brand of milk. Your egg entry would probably say "Egg - 1 large egg" and your milk entry would probably say "Milk, 2% - 1 tbsp" or whatever kind of milk that you buy.

I hope that helps!
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Also note that Creating your own Custom food entries doesn't always work when you are using FitDay 2.0; try going into your Profile, switch the format to FitDayClassic, and you may find that Creating and Editing your Custom foods is easier.
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