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  • Calorie Deficit (Avg) -250/day: -429, -443, -562, -101
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: 2, 3, 2, 3
  • Cholesterol < 200 mg/day: 213, 205, 186, 112
  • Sugar < 40g / day: 31, 43, 39, 71
  • Protein > 50g / day: 84, 64, 85, 48
  • Workout > 150 min/week: 60, 10, 60, 20
Happy Birthday Quinn!

Have a lovely Friday everyone else...
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So many celebrations this week! Happy birthday, eh Quinn

Hope I saw something about a watermelon detox, and I cannot/will not starve myself so I am just eating lots of it.
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Week is going okay. Happy birthday and anniversary to everyone that is celebrating this week!

Mern: I hope the wedding went well and you enjoyed yourself.

Week goals:

1. Research five different ways to relieve stress: Yes Tai chi, Yes Deep Breathing, Yes listening to music
Tai chi: A gentle way to fight stress - MayoClinic.com
Stress management: Breathing exercises for relaxation
Music and Stress Relief - How To Use Music For Stress Relief
2. Log in all food intake: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
3. Stay under 1,200 calories a day: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Walk 5 out of the 7 days this week: Mon., Tues., Thurs.
5. Lose 2 pounds: Thinking positive
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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
I'm still on the daily watermelon, don't know where that's going. My deficit today is -1200 and it's 8pm.......I think it's because of all the watermelon lol. I am stuffed.
As watermelon seems to be the recurring theme this week...

... people who study these things have determined that watermelon is very high on the list of high-satiety foods - one google result assigns it a level 4.5, while oatmeal is only 3.0.

Hubby says (lovingly...) I'm a mine of useless information
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Happy 29th Quinniepoo
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Thanks to all for your good wishes. Grandson's wedding is tonight at 6:30--which is good because it's going to be over 100+ today with the heat index. I'm not looking forward to putting on hot pantyhose. (I need some cheese my whine. LOL) I'm going to put a note on the front door to pre-cool the car interior before we leave for the wedding.

Kocialapcia "a mine of useless information." LOL A friend of mine teases me that no one can say anything without my later researching it on the Internet.

Quinn, I hope you get to go to the winery. Sounds like a fun day. Thanks for the hug.

Robin, how awful that there were bad injuries from the accident in your neighborhood. I will put those involved in my prayers. I've been trying to get DH to get a vision checkup for months--I've been concerned about his peripheral vision because he's been getting too close to the edge of the driveway (next to the gully) and to the edge of two lane roads. When I jump because I think he's about to go off the road or hit the mailbox he gets mad because he thinks I'm overreacting. Maybe this accident will serve as an inentive. I haven't seen about the fat flush water, but will look into it. As long as a new idea doesn't seem harmful or depriving one of nutrition, I'm OK with it.

Hope, whenever I see someone is having a birthday or anniversary I write it down on a list I keep on the hard drive. Sometimes I remember to check the list and sometimes I don't. DH and I just like to go out to dinner alone for our anniversary.Congrats on all the daily goals you met this week.

Mel-Mc, thanks for the happy Friday wishes. Right back to ya!

Donna and RenewedSoul nice reports!

DH took grandkids to the park. I'm going to light a scented candle in the bathroom and shave my legs so I don't have to do it tonight.
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Thanks everyone for your condolences.

After almost two full weeks of regression, I'm getting back on the eating right train! Wish me luck!
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Mern, I sympathize with you on putting on pantyhose! I told a friend of mine that when my brother got married it took me 10 mins to pee by the time I had to re-adjust the pantyhose and spanx.

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Happy 29th Quinniepoo
You're an angel, cupcake! Now come back to the thread... we miss you!

And thanks again for everyone's well-wishes! Just got back from the winery and the wine has kicked my butt... But, everyone needs a good butt kicking now and then. Time to sleep it off... lol.

Mern, dear...
Good luck with the leg shaving/pantyhose battle... for the first time in my life, I had to have help shaving mine... a most humbling experience! LOL
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Oh Mern that sounds so unpleasant......panty house and heat yuck. I hope you manage to have fun nonetheless.

Quinn, glad you enjoyed your wine.

Claire good to see you back on track.

I am going to do the fat flush. It's no big deal, just water infused with grapefruit, tangerine, cucumbers and peppermint. And it's just a supplement to clean eating, not a stand alone diet or anything. I think I will try it for a few days, and like Donna, measure the waist. The new batteries in my scale are not working anyway, lol.

Kocia, interesting about the watermelon. I did not hear that before about the satiety factor but I have been eating 3+ pieces per day all week and I have been stuffed. My cal deficit has been 1000+ every day. Because a couple weeks ago I started learning how to listen to the hunger signs of my body, instead of using fitday to determine what I can eat. I don't even know if I hit my goal weight since my scales are not working.

The other factor is that my calories expended is up due to swimming everyday. The goal was to keep cool but it is really good for burning cals.

I'll let you guys know if the fat flush tastes ok.
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