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Old 07-12-2013, 01:44 PM   #71
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Join Date: May 2010
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  • Lose 1/2 inch from waist: (pending)
  • Sugar < 40g / day: 28, 32, 83, 44
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: 3, 4, 0, 4
  • Cholesterol < 200mg: 64, 155, 175, 109
  • Calorie deficit every day: -1065, -505, -352, -387
  • Workout > 150 mins/wk: 65, 15, 60, 10
Been on the abstinence wagon, but tonight I'm jumping off!
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Old 07-12-2013, 02:33 PM   #72
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Thanks Donna. I emailed the nurse at Diabetes Education Centre to ask if it is possible to get test results earlier than that. I'm not sure whether they would read it out to me over the phone but they should be able to email it to me since my Dr printed it out the last time I went. It seems ridiculous that they couldn't fit me for at the most 10 mins to go over the test results.

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Old 07-12-2013, 04:13 PM   #73
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Location: New York
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@ The Abstinence Club:

The abstinence challenge looked like a good idea for me when it was a distant plan, but as the day came, I experienced what can only be described as a panic attack... So much so I did not even post ANY goals for this week!
But I was keeping my fingers crossed for you guys, and, to some extent it worked vicariously for me too, because, surprisingly I only had two small glasses of wine this week.
You guys have done great so far - every fluid ounce and every calorie counts, right? I am watching and learning from you, so don't waste all that effort now and make up over the weekend for diminished imbibing during the week!
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Old 07-12-2013, 04:43 PM   #74
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For yesterday:
1.) Be pleased with my calories - M: I should be pleased because it wasn't bad at all, but I'm annoyed I couldn't do better, T: Y, W: Y, but fixing low blood sugars was annoying, Th: I did okay, but more low blood sugar fixings left me eating fast acting stuff all day, so I hit 11:30 pm and ate a grilled cheese and tomato soup. I needed the food, but I probably should have made a better choice.
2.) Drink 64 oz water/day - M: N, T: N, W: N, Th: N
3.) Exercise:
M: Gym - Done
T: Run 4 miles - Done
W: Gym - Done
Th: Run 4 miles - Did 3 because low blood sugars forced me to abort
F: off
S: off
Su: Run 6 miles
4.) Make a lot of headway on this paper - M: meh, T: Better, M: zero things accomplished , Th: Decent

Starting weight: 192.0 lbs (6/19/2011)
Lowest weight: 154.6 (6/25/2012)
Current weight: 164.4 lbs (10/28/2013)
Total lost: 27.6 lbs
Goal: 132 lbs
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Old 07-12-2013, 08:52 PM   #75
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Just got back from my walk. Put in 1.5 miles today, which felt really great. In fact, I put on my ipod, forgot about everything and got up to my pre-surgery pace without thinking... oops. Wasn't suppose to do that. My only clue was that I was out of breath. That was a great sign that everything continues to go well. My mother keeps calling everyday asking if my leg is still numb... (Yes mom, probably for many more months if not years...) Kind of cute how at 88 that she still sees me as 12! lol Bless her heart. Out for a quiet, healthy dinner tonight and then a relaxing weekend.

1. Add at least 2 blocks per day until I regain my 4 mile routine. Yes, Yes-tons of walking, No- company, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Will get 2 walks in today. Great progress- 1.5 miles, probably could have done more.

2. Continue to eat nothing but healthy, nutrient-rich food. Yes, No, celebrated with a huge lunch, but it was worth it. Have to start watching this goal more closely. Weight dropped- not sure why, but still have to watch nutrients.

3. Resist the urge to over-do. Yes, Yes, Yes- Doctor told me what would happen if I did, and it wasn't pretty... One of my adult kids keeps telling me to push harder and the other keeps telling me that I'm over doing... I'm getting whiplash!

4. Work on strengthening weak leg; do something each day that I couldn't do the day before. Yes, Yes- great progress! Having a friend of mine (a doctor) re-evaluate the nerve damage today. Great report from second doctor and progress is very good. Leg strength is about 85%- very, very grateful for this progress.

5. STAY POSITIVE!!! Don't let negative thoughts (or people) derail my recovery. Yes, Yes, Yes- lots of encouraging people surrounding me... I'm really lucky to have them. Staying focused on me is really hard to do as I start to feel better. I'm use to being the air traffic controller/support system for 5 people. 4 more weeks of recovery... have to put myself first during this time period, as much as possible, anyway. Ask any full-time mom... this is tough.

Reached 30 lb. Weight Loss Goal April, 2010
Fighting The Battle to Maintain

When something goes wrong in your life, simply yell "PLOT TWIST!" and move on!

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Old 07-13-2013, 02:13 AM   #76
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My pretty vague goals:

1. At least one work out while away (W&Th), W-only walked, Th-Swam 30 mins
2. Weekly deficit over 3000
3. Make healthy food choices while away. Not bad other than the popcorn.
4. At least 5 bags of stuff to leave the house this week, charity, garbage, whatever. M-1, T-1, Th-1, F-0

Walking challenge: M-2m, T-1m, W-1m. Th-1.5m, F-1.5

Libby you did well on that lunch. And Quinn look at you go!

Had take out chinese today, the first time in MONTHS......not a good choice, tried to keep portions small but the overall count was not great. Good thing I walked today.

Fitday start date 12/9/12
Fitday start weight 190
Highest weight Jan 2009 218
Lowest weight Aug 2009 175
Goal 160: ACHIEVED Aug 25/13 (now to figure out how to stay here)

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins
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Old 07-13-2013, 02:20 AM   #77
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Posts: 68

Friday update:


1. log food every day M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, Th = Y, F = Y
2. keep calories between 1400-1600 M= 1575, T=1290, W=1645, Th = 1350, F= 1950
3. exercise on my lunch hour at least three times 3 done

I went way over in calories today but it was semi-planned. The same half pound has been coming and going all week and I can sometimes shake it loose if I have one high calorie day then two extra low calorie days. We'll see if it helps.
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Old 07-13-2013, 03:38 AM   #78
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Location: Canada
Posts: 604

calories: M -1135 T-1147 W-789 T-881 F-?
water: Y, Y, Y, Y, N
exercise: No

I was out with a friend for most of the day and didn't record my calories.
Most of the day was good but I did treat myself to a double chocolate brownie. I promise not to make it a habit.
4'11 female
HW195 Jan /2013
Final Goal 116
Mini goal 165 - reward hair cut
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Old 07-13-2013, 05:15 AM   #79
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Posts: 1,688


Thanks! I feel really great. I hear you about the Chinese food... I had to talk my husband out of a Chinese buffet tonight! (...even though it sounded SO good!)

Reached 30 lb. Weight Loss Goal April, 2010
Fighting The Battle to Maintain

When something goes wrong in your life, simply yell "PLOT TWIST!" and move on!
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Old 07-13-2013, 05:54 PM   #80
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Day 6 on the abstinence commitment. Weekends are the toughest, but feel pretty good today. Intake and exercise has been good, hope to finish strong this weekend.
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