7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 7-1-2013

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Morning everyone!
Didn't get on here yesterday, so here are the results;

Exercize every day - YN
No junk food - Y Y
No soft drink - Y Y

For me right now the big thing is cutting out all the junk food - it's not uncommon for me to go through the drive-through numerous times during the week due to laziness.
Also getting to the gym - I've still got fat-person-shame about going, which is totally stupid and I need to get over it. Anyway, running late for PT (at least when it's an order to go to the gym I can't say no!) so better get going.
Hope everyone has a good day/night.

Hey Libby, just saw your post. Be strong, stay away from that ice cream! It's short term happiness that will just mess you up in the end. And trust me, if you're anything like me, the guilt you feel when you're eating it will make it taste horrible - or maybe that's just me. But thinking of you, hope it turns out okay.
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Wednesday Update


1. log food every day M-yes T - yes W - yes
2. keep calories between 1400-1600 M-1530 T-1480 W - ?
3. exercise on my lunch hour at least twice 1 done

Eating out yesterday turned out easy. Today has been more problematic. The boss surprised us with a half day off and a party which meant no lunch hour so no lunch hour exercise and surprise ice cream cake. Right now I'm hovering at the top of my calorie limit and am likely to go over a bit before bedtime. Obviously I need to work on coping with surprises better. I am giving myself a gold star for not succumbing to the "go big" mentality that so often happens when plans go awry.
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Libby - {{{{hugs}}} - concentrate on keeping yourself strong. I know that's easier said than done, and having something like that looming over you for a whole month is difficult. Keep in mind how Quinn's being in good shape is helping her recovery, and keep eating well.

WowGirl - Robin did a great job on stopping eating out at lunch. Maybe she has some suggestions for you. My advice would be to make your lunch for the next day right after dinner. There are also a lot of great 300-calorie prepackaged salads available. On days when you don't get your lunch made, pop into a grocery story and buy a salad and a piece of fruit. I never ate a lot of fast food - once a week was a lot for me. But just seeing a fast food place would set off cravings. I haven't had any in months and (except for fried chicken), no longer crave it, and don't find it at all appealing.

Mel-Mc - coping with surprises can be hard. If I know I'm going out to dinner, I might have a light salad or something to take the edge off my appetite before I go, or at least look at the menu online to find a couple of good choices. But with unplanned things, it's much harder. Nice boss giving you a half day off!
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My major surgery was a complete surprise and scheduled in a hurry. It was a lot to take in... believe me, I know how you are feeling right now. I don't know your situation, but I can say although it seems so hard, keep active, eat healthfully and (probably most important) try to keep your mind in a positive, healthy place. When you drift into negative thinking, (I sure did) do anything you can to distract yourself... a walk, shopping, anything that keeps your mind busy and positive.

I'm really a firm believer that if you keep a positive attitude, your body will follow its lead. If you need someone to vent to, PM me... I give some awesome pep talks.

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Default un-diet day 6 on plan

Ok, lost 3 pounds so far on my un diet, down a pound this morning after raquetball..........

6.27.13 sw 274
7.03.13 cw 271
JThis is working out so well!

Tomorrow is the test for the holiday. I will log my food at my dads barbeque.......

Not sure what workout I will do tomorrow, usually I walk on the beach on thursdays.......we shall see......maybe walk at mission trails with my hubby..

It is nice to have a plan but at the same time eating whatever I want. I am logging everything, taking vitamines, water and tea.

I am glad everyone is doing well too, this support is wonderful, you all inspire me to keep going..

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Libby: I definately keep you in my prayers. Try to stay strong.

Donna: That is great going with your weight loss!
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#1: Log once a day only (at night). M-N, T-Y, W-Y

#2: Weigh myself only once per week. M-Y, T-Y, W-Y

#3: 3 workouts this week (exclude walking challenge), M-N, T-Lap Swim, W-weights at the gym and "yoga in the Garden"

Personal goals:

1. Reduce computer time, M-Y, T-Y, W-Y
2. Start cleaning up the house, >1 bag per day. M-Y, T-Y, W-Y
3. Read more, M-Y, T-yes, W-N

Walking challenge: 10 miles by Sunday. M-3m, T-2m. W-1m

This "listening to my body" eating is going really weird, I am eating quite a bit less than I was when I planned my cals (?!) - no explanation. Weird thing is that since I am not weighing myself again til MONDAY (Sigh) I can't even monitor what that means.

Libby, here's a definite challenge to changing the emotional eating. Don't do it. Think of Quinn as a role model. Be kind and nurturing to your body. Give it water and anti-oxidants
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Libby! I'm so sorry your doctor appointment didn't go as you had hoped. Be assured of my continued prayers that in August a good diagnosis and successful resolution to your medical problem is developed. Big gentle cyberhug to ya! Commenting on your earlier posts this week: Major kudos on managing your blood sugar with diet alone! You have GOT to be so proud of yourself. Also huge congrats on your weight loss, cholesterol and blood pressure. My doc would have prescribed statin meds for my high cholesterol but I refused it and she helped me get it down to normal with diet alone, going from a high of 244 to 198. My weight loss hasn't been wonderful, but I now only have to go for checkups for every six months instead of every three or four. Great job on the restraint for yourself while cooking for your guys. Sounds like you know what to do and how to do it. You are an inspiration! Great idea on the divided plate. Your Monday and Tuesday reports are great, too

Donna Ostendorf, wow! Congrats on the weight loss! Planning to log your food at your dad's barbeque is awesome.

Mel-Mc. congrats on your restraint at the party! A gold star well-deserved!

wowgirl, welcome back. Wishing you an awesome week, too. Kudos on controlling the junk food. There are probably a LOT of people at your gym who look trim now, but used to be heavy. I'm the heaviest person in my senior cardio class at the Y. One day we will no longer be embarrassed. Be proud of yourself for going to the gym at all. There are people who use their looks as an excuse to not exercise--kudos to you for not being one of them.

Hehecherie, welcome.

Tori, thanks for filling me in about Quinn. Wishing you a good rest of the week.

Ian, so encouraging that you're not giving up on the exercise. You can do it!

Mike, I must commend you on your trying with the weights yesterday. Even if I don't reach my exercise target, as long as I tried my best, I give myself credit.

Jennifer, how wonderful that you were complimented on weight loss. I wanna be like YOU when I "grow up."

Claire, "so far, so good" is wonderful. Well done!

Quinn, wow, you are one amazing woman. Wonderful that you're back to exercising and not on pain meds! I'd bet my bottom dollar you'll be backpacking in the Smokies in September. Hey, I'm the OLDEST of the old crew, I think. But remember that means y'all have to MIND ME! LOL

Joanna, it's great to see you here and doing so well. I don't do Starbucks, but thought it was great that you gave recommendations to those who do. So encouraging that we don't have to be deprived. Menu offerings at so many places can be adapted to give ourselves a taste treat and still stay on plan.

Dad-in-FL, kudos on your weight loss! Great way to start out. I don't know if you are new to this or not, but if so, remember in case you reach a plateau in the future that sometimes our bodies take a break from weight loss while adjusting to it's lower scale numbers. That's OK--it'll pick up again when it's ready. Also, water retention weight doesn't look any better on a body than fat weight, so I totally agree that even if it's mostly water, being down 10+ lbs. is a good thing. Developing better eating habits is what it's all about. Way to go on that thinking.

Carolyn, thanks so much for your kind words about spending time with my grandkids. I did have to skim the posts in an attempt to catch up after being gone almost all day yesterday. Looks like you're doing very well on your goals so far. Kudos on that!
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Best wishes to all for our American 4th of July holiday. I don't have a holiday menu planned, but we are staying home, so there's less temptation staring me in the face.

Closing down the kitchen for the night and going to bed early.

Wednesday report:

Did vegetarian to make up for yesterday's overage in sat fat and cholesterol and got all my target averages back in line.

--take my daily supplements to help keep blood cholesterol normal YES, YES, YES

--1200-1600 calories per day 1494, 1451, 1220

--6 servings fruits/veggies per day YES, NO, YES

Daily averages
--sat fat average 12% max. of daily calories: 11%, 19%, 6%--so average is on target at 12%
--dietary cholesterol 250mg: 202mg, 373mg, 87mg--so average is on target at 221mg
--protein 120g: 140g, 136g. 143g
--net carbs (total carbs less fiber) 25g: 25g, 16g, 25g
--dietary fiber 30g: 49g, 13g, 51g--giving me an average of 31g

1/2 hour exercise 5 days per week YES, YES, YES
64 oz. water per day YES. YES, YES

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Originally Posted by wowgirl88 View Post
Also getting to the gym - I've still got fat-person-shame about going, which is totally stupid and I need to get over it. Anyway, running late for PT (at least when it's an order to go to the gym I can't say no!) so better get going.
Hope everyone has a good day/night.
Sounds like you need to pull up your big girl panties! So does READ IT = Respect. Excellence. Agility. Dedication. Integrity. Teamwork.
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