7 Day Motivational Thread for 1/14/13

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Goals for Monday Ė Friday:

Loads of water:
Vitamin daily:
Monitor portion sizes:
Eat real food (90% is a Y):
12 min workout, 3 days this week:
Donít stress over workÖ: NO

This weekend will be too hard to set goals for as Iíll be at a retreat (all meals prepared by a fantastic, but not calorie conscious, chef). But, at the very least, Iíll try to not go back for seconds.

Happy Monday everyone!
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Nice goals, everyone! I'm in, using the same goals as usual so I'll post them in my Monday report tomorrow.

Jenn, I especially like your fruits and veggies goal. And one of my personal goals is for you to clean my kitchen. LOL

Kim, I so admire your exercise AND meditation. Good example having a goal to defeat negative thinking.

Cassie, I hope your sadness is relieved. Big hug to ya!

Krystal, get well soon!

Quinn, kudos on your loss!

Joanna, best wishes on figuring out your basal rates.

Donna, I'm especially rooting for your subjective goals.

Mike, best wishes on your goals. I'm going with last week's, too.

Tori, "reasonable" on Saturday and Sunday is good. Best wishes on sticking to that.

Robin, I got a bit of an empathetic chuckle out of your staying in your calorie limit but fortunately not tracking sodium. DH and I enjoyed a big shank portion ham last week and I can feel the water retention in my hands and feet. I took ham salad finger sandwiches to a get-together yesterday so I could start the week without the salty
temptation. Kudos on your exercise! Oh, wow, you put my exercise achievements to shame!

Ama, eating real food 90% of the time is an admirable goal. I hope you enjoy the retreat. Happy Monday to you, too.
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exhausted from a long day.

Calories 1330 yes
Water 64ozyes
Run 4 daysyes
Cross train 2 days no
Defeat negative thinkingyes
Post dailyyes
One relaxing meditationno

not bad for a monday, off to bed now
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1.) Less than or around 1400 calories/day: M - Y
2.) Follow C25k program: M - Y
3.) Walk to car at least x4: M - Y
4.) Drink 64 oz. water/day: M - Y
5.) Figure out basal rates (pronto): We'll see tonight

Had a good day today. Tomorrow is weigh-in for my family's 10 lb challenge, I guess I'll see how I measure up!
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Joanna and Kim, nicely done! Have a great Tuesday!
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1. Calories 1300 or fewer. 1060
2. Exercise: 3 runs, 3 weights. One weights
3. 64 oz. fluids. Yes
4. Take all vitamins and supplements. Yes
5. Log everything, post daily. Yes
6. Eat clean. Yes
7. Eat at least 4 fruits/veggies per day. 3
8. Drive with the boy (not necessarily daily). Yes
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Just got back from a boot camp class - first time I've gotten up before 6 AM to workout in a looooong time! I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that I didn't notice my infusion set had come loose (ie where my insulin pump is actually connected to me) so when I checked my blood sugar when I came home it was through the roof. Something to watch out for! Anyway, the class is through a gym here that offers basically classes all day long, but it's pretty expensive. I get a free week to try it out, but I'm not sure I can afford a membership. We'll see. I like it too because it's a way to meet people that aren't undergrads. Don't get me wrong, I like undergrads, but... well, they're not my age group, and even my grad student friends are 4 or 5 years younger than me... in other words, maybe I'll meet a nice guy who's got his stuff together! And also, I get to work out Hey, a girl can dream, right?

I think I'm figuring out my night time basal rates - bottom line is when I'm working out, they just have to be a whole heck of a lot lower than they used to be. Since I started running about a month ago, I've had to drop my rate by about 40%!
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Goals this week...
1. Drink minimum of 6 glasses of water no
2. Exercise 5x for 30 min20
3. Keep within carb/protein limit yes
4. At least 4 servings fruits and veggies no, only 3

Personal goals
Clean kitchen
Tidy living room CLUTTER YES

An "alright" start to the week but could be better!
Ha Mern I can barely keep my own kitchen clean!!

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Monday Update

1-log in and post everyday (M-F)--yes
2-must drink water--better, still not where I need to be
3-treadmill, get on it and walk dammit--no

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned, but it could have been worse. Calories were higher than I'd like, didn't drink enough water, and I didn't walk. But I did spend some quality time with The Jassi Cat. So, I'll call it a win. I've prelogged everything for today, so the guess work is taken out. If I stick to what I've logged, I'm coming in just under 1200 calories. And I promised Bubba that if he made it to the gym today, I'd do two miles. I tweaked my knee yesterday, so 2 will be tough...but I'm determined to try.

Catch up with y'all later. Happy Tuesday everyone!
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Monday Report:

Amish cheese was delicious, which explains my high sat fat percentage. Carbs were high due to 2 servings of low fat yogurt.

Calorie range 1600-1800 1502
Saturated Fat limit 10% of total calories 21%
Dietary Cholesterol limit average 250mg 214mg
Net Carbs after deducting fiber limit 25g 31g
Fiber minimum average 25g 27g
Protein minimum average 120g 119g
Water 64 oz. NO
Exercise five days: None

Today's planned menu:
Broccoli egg subsitute omelet
Lean roast beef chef salad with ranch dressing, fresh strawberries
Veggie burger, sweet & sour cucumbers
Low carb veggie soup
Low carb Mexican lasagna, broccoli and cauliflower
snacks: almonds, protein shakes

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