7 Day Motivational Thread for 1/14/13

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Hi Everyone

Thanks Mern for holding down the ship by yourself pretty much all weekend.

I had my first green smoothie today. It was easy to log the ingredients.

I also went snow shoeing, which has become a Sunday routine. 60 minutes. As timed by my nieghbour I go with who uses a timer and keeps us on track.

Glad to see you getting back on Cassie. I have continued to have no problem logging in. Don't know why.

Mern, I have been reading and enjoying your posts even though I had nothing to say today. And I agree. Big hugs to anybody struggling right now.

Caty I think you came to the right place to get support for your journey.

Joanna. I am very envious of your progress running and it is motivating me. I run very slow and so I need to speed up. Went to a Zombie Run back in November, that was all sprinting. It was really fun. 5 k being chased by zombies. There is a monthly "Blood Monitor" fundraising 5 k. I went to the first one but have not gone back. I need to go. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Wow, it's L-O-N-E-L-Y in here!
I'm sorry. I'll try to be more supportive next week.
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Default Weekend

  • Cholesterol < 250 mg/day: 144, 35, 117, 0, 132, 284, 128
  • Lift weights @ gym > 30 mins: Y
  • Exercise @ Home > 30 mins x 2: Y(50 mins), Y(30 m.)
  • Eat Vegetables > 3 servings/day: N, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 39, 46, 81, 48, 59, 120, 75
  • Total Calories < 1750 / day: 1206, 1550, 1888, 1725, 1610, 1991, 1724
  • Less Sugar intake (subjective): N, ~, Y, ~, ~, N, Y
  • Be less obsessive (subjective): ~, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y
Not too bad, overall.
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Day 4 of 21 Day Metabolism Makeover

Follow plan guidelines for meal/snack content and spacing, calories, fat, etc. YES, YES, NO, YES
Calorie minimum 1200 1401, 1355, 1205, 1207
Sat fat limit 10% of total calories 10%, 10% again, 20%, 7%
Net carb limit 25g 24g. 25g, 23g, 21g
Fiber minimum 25g 36g, 34g,51g 31g
Dietary cholesterol under 250mg per day 205mg, 242mg, 264mg
Protein 120g 145g, 158g, 110g, 148mg
Water 64 oz. (I can't do the plan's 96 oz.) YES, YES, YES, YES
Exercise 5 days (I won't do plan's 6 days) DAY OFF, NO, YES, DAY OFF
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Hi guys!! I'm back, tail between my legs. Missed you guys!!!! Are we continuing on this thread or....?

I've been on vaca and though I have tried to plan... well let's jsut say curry conch will NOT be on my menu LOL and will try to avoid the rice and beans too.

My goals starting 1/21:
1) Plan meals
2) stick to polan as much as possible
3) write as much as possible
5) stretch
6) meditate

scrambled eggs and sf wheat bread fresh from bakery down road (still on vaca)
chicken and salad
fish and veg
Snacks: nuts
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Hope, hi! I just now put up a new one.
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Finished Sunday just shy of 1500 calories. Tomorrow will be weigh in day. My goals this week are to stay within 1500 each day, drink 64 ozs water, and exercise daily.

Mern, I noticed your weight loss! Great job! I have 6 siblings (2 brothers and 4 sisters). Only the 2 brothers have grandkids. My older brother has 9 grandkids, but they all live in Florida. My younger brother, who lives in the Chicago area near me has 2 little boys, about the same ages as my granddaughters. It's fun to compare the differences between the boys and girls.

Good luck everyone and have a great week!
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