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Eating can be difficult


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Default Eating can be difficult

Hello All,

So I had my lap-band installed in 2008 I went from 410 to 160 in about 1.25 years. It was amazing. However, my family kept saying I was too thin, I listened and got on sliders(milkshakes, soups, ice cream - any food that can slip right through) now I am up to 250 or so...still better than 410, my restriction is good, doc approved, but pretty tight.

I just started CrossFit, YAY! However, I need to stop the sliders and eat better. They say to eat paleo-ish and all that, but I can not finish 1 chicken breast without throwing it up, my stomach can't hold it, it is literally the size of a golf ball. I need small sized meal ideas that are protein-rich, vitamins and minerals are always a plus, low calories, I need to cut carbs out for a bit, I need protein to build muscle and for the quick bursts of energy in CrossFit - carbs make me sluggish at times. Any ideas? I am not against blending things and drinking stuff (hey I love sliders lol).

ALSO - my mother has stage IV vulvar cancer and has 6 months to live...I need this CrossFit to work, between work, school, caretaking for her and my mentally disabled brother - I have to have something to hold onto, something in my control...and I want to live a long healthy life.
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You had a medical procedure (the lap-band was installed) so you have a doctor who's familiar with your medical history AND knows something about the issues with that procedure. I am so sorry your mother has cancer and you are caretaker. You mention school, your brother, work, etc. You are handling quite a lot. This is where your doctor comes in: he or she should be the one looking at your nutrition and advising you. Please listen to your doctor and not other 'interested' people. Your doctor has some inkling of the trouble you can get into going Paleo because 'they say' to eat Paleo-ish. Your doctor should hear you talk about what your stomach can handle. Face to face, your doctor can see your height, know your body frame, and talk to you about whether you NEED to lose weight. Your doctor is that impartial voice that will say whether you are putting your own health at risk. It's very important to be healthy yourself when you are shouldering so many tasks.

I hope you find answers from your doctor. You sound like a good person! Your mom is lucky to have you!
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The answer is complicated, yet simple—they do, sort of. Our taste buds have been genetically engineered to crave high-calorie, high-fat foods (that we used to need for energy—hunting, gathering, exploring the continent, etc), and now we've created food that tastes even better than nature's, which makes lettuce a hard sell when compared to a juicy burger.
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