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9 weeks on paleo very discouraged, maybe lost 3 lb


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Unhappy 9 weeks on paleo very discouraged, maybe lost 3 lb

9 weeks with no bread, potatoes, rice, sweets. Lo carb has always worked for me but for some reason not working, i have chronic fatigue so I cannot exercise a lot but I have been walking , and I stand at work. this diet is simply not working, Im 60 but last year same diet worked, my own fault I got tired of no carb and went off. my clothing feels a bit better but its such a minimal weight loss after over 2 months, I just dont know where to go from here, plus I never felt better from it, I actually feel dizzy when I bend down,also seem extra lacking in energy, if carbs are so bad as paelp diet says then at very least by now I should be feeling better
not starving myself,
I have tried weight watchers in past but it left me pretty hungry , thats why this diet appealed to me, I struggle with standard 1200-1600 calorie diets which leave me hungry and pretty cranky,
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Has simple calorie counting helped? Can you combine Paleo and calorie counting?
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The only thing that has worked for me is calorie counting.I tried just eliminating carbs and it didn't work. I didn't feel great with that. So I spent one week eating as I normally do, tracked everything. Big eye-opener. Made some big changes, including substituting a second veggie serving for a starch at dinner. The other thing I've had to do is just ACCEPT my hunger. And by "accept" I mean, actually taking the time to just sit with the feeling and let it be there. That is REALLY hard, because it is like a meditation, and brings me to a lot of feelings that I have been shoving down with automatic un-hungry eating for a long time. But it seems like peeling back layers. Each time I can get through another "just sit with the feelings" stage, the desperate "I've GOT to eat or else" feeling calms down a lot.
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keep going, it's worth it. can you find a filler food you like like apples or carrots, butter lettuce, something, on paleo?
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with low carb KETO, you increase fats to decrease hunger. As well, if I don't get 25g of protein at breakfast then I am HUNGRY late in the afternoon. With Keto, I am aiming for 70% of calories from fat, 25% from protein and 5 % net carbs. I cannot exercise...often cannot even walk around the block due to post concussion syndrome, but the weight is slowly coming off. I'm aiming for 1200 to 1300 calories per day. This means lots of salads, which I love....and....cream cheese! Yum. Check out some of the keto websites to see if it might fit your lifestyle. (It doesn't fit everyones')
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The paleo diet sounds the pits, drink plenty of water especially before meals it tricks your body into thinking it's fuller than it actually is!
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