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Terri, it sounds like your evening out went without a hitch (except for being fashionably late) and it seems you had a nice time. We all need a night out sometimes!

Roxy, you go girl! 2.2 lbs down is fabulous! and 1/4 to your goal?? wow!

I am doing just fine without my diet soda. I am getting used to the watered down crystal light, and I've been drinking more...not necessarily enough yet, but getting there. I did have 2 "regular" sodas during the past week, but I don't think that's a deal breaker.

I'm hoping to hear from Social Security soon because I applied to be put on to Medicare Part B (the part for regular dr stuff and mental health too) starting 3/1. I hope the paperwork is going through and that it starts. If so, I will most likely be able to get a therapist and work on my many issues, a big one being my inability to control my binging and comfort eating...need to get to the core of all that I think.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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I had a great evening at the club last night and did not go over my calorie goal even with the small brownie I enjoyed. I did have a "wake up call" though about realizing how out of shape I truly am. My friend and I cooked the dinner - just sloppy joes and fresh cut french fries. We started about 3 and then served from 5:30 to 7. I was on my feet that whole time working around the kitchen and walking to tables and such - normal things that I would not realize that I was struggling to do. I was not able to even help a lot at the end because my feet hurt so bad. I am so sore today to - my legs and lower back. It really makes me realize that I do need to get motivated to increase my exercise. I cannot even do normal activities. I was trying to start slowly with healthy eating first but I keep putting off the exercise and I need to quit making excuses. My goal today is to do a walking video if I don't feel like it.

Off to my workout - hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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Roxy: I am a college professor! I teach psychology and neuroscience courses - my research involves hormones and the brain. I teach at a liberal arts school, so teaching is #1 for me. I am jealous of your nice weather. We're having MORE SNOW today Thanks winter, you're a gem.

Debbie: Sorry to hear about your father. It's such a scary mess. Sometimes I think that mental decline can be more trying than a physical decline, but both are awful. I hope that he turns it around soon.

Lisa: I hope everything comes through with the Part B! I'm glad you're still attacking that diet soda. Get it!

Lynda: I hope your DVD went splendidly and you feel accomplished afterwards! Make sure you stretch and stay hydrated to keep those muscles from cramping up on you again!

Thanks all for the nice words about my night out! Felt like I dodged a bullet on the drinking Have been enjoying a quiet weekend between grading and hanging out with hubby (we're enjoying it while we can!)

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Today is a gorgeous day and I am off to walk in the sunshine. There is still a bit of snow on the ground here, but it's melting quickly! The air is cold but I can handle that. I saw little white flowers blooming, and some green sprouts poking up in the garden yesterday!!

I have gotten a glorious 31 hours of sleep this weekend. I feel AMAZING. I was getting run down, so this really helped a lot. I look and feel better, lighter, and healthier. I've got a more positive outlook, which my mind has been a bit negative lately so this was definitely a welcome reboot.
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Roxy - Soooooo jealous!!! Sounds like Spring has certainly sprung in your area! Not happening in the capital city...still full on Winter over here.

Terri - Nice that you and your man are enjoying quality time together....that certainly does change when kids come along...but then you get to spend nice family time!

Lynda - ouch! Sounds like your really sore. Maybe a nice Epsom salt bath would help? How did your workout go?

Lisa - Good job with cutting the diet soda! I ended up having some wine last night. I enjoyed it, but today I feel focused on my goals and extra calories from wine will not get me to my goals.

Have a nice Sunday evening all
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