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lildebbieg 02-16-2015 01:42 PM

Motivational Thread - Feb. 16 - 22 - Try something new!
Good morning Fitday friends! :) Everyone ready for another week of working towards our goals?

I get the general sense that some Fitdayers have been struggling over the past few weeks. That's a tough spot to be in (speaking from personal experience!) and can do a number on your faith in believing that you can achieve your goals. I'm here to remind us all that if what you've been doing is not getting you some type of results, then it's time to try something new! When I say results, I mean scale weight, measurements, pictures, body fat analysis, etc. We shouldn't be relying solely on the scale for feedback. If you're truly not seeing results, change something up! If you're stuck and not sure what you can do to change things up, let the group know....maybe we can help?!!

Wishing us all a successful and productive week!

lildebbieg 02-16-2015 02:27 PM

Second week in a row that I'm not up on a Monday morning!! Very encouraging! My goals this week will be to continue logging, hitting my macros and getting in all my planned workouts. I'm feeling energized and inspired! I'm aiming to get under 140 this week....although I don't control the scale so we'll see if that actually happens. What I do control is what I eat, exercising and keeping a positive attitude. I know that if I do that, fat loss will naturally follow. I'm also already devising a plan for what I'm going to do when I reach my goal....again! I think last time, I didn't have a clear plan so when I got so close to goal I lost focus. This time, I'm planning ahead!

How about everyone else? What are your goals this week?

taubele 02-16-2015 02:57 PM

Hi Debbie!:

My goals this week are very simple:

1) Don't stress
2) Check in to motivate others daily :)

Glad to hear that your scale was kind to you. Mondays are always a big test!! Whatever you're doing, it seems to be working, so keep it up!


rainbow24 02-16-2015 03:59 PM

My goal is to just make it through this week.

Progressive dinner over, move on to the mess that is my week.

  • today - Paperwork all day to prepare for tomorrow night
  • tonight - attend a business meeting from 7 pm until the business is ironed out
  • Government proceedings concerning last night's business meetings
  • Children's club at church perhaps with enough time to change before
  • Farm work all day
  • Writer's group in the evening
  • Farm work all day
  • I'm going to rest in the evening
  • Farm work all day
  • Prepare for Saturday
  • Maybe deal with kids ages 11-18 all afternoon
  • Maybe attend a Medieval event This is my something new.
  • Either way, I'll be too tired to cook
  • Morning services
  • Evening services

So with this list, I don't have a lot of time to cook. The exercise will be in the work itself. Somewhere in that, I am due for a fasting blood test. :(

lildebbieg 02-16-2015 10:31 PM

Where oh where is everyone?

Terri - Glad you're joining in this week! I've miss your positive attitude and smiling face around here. So very happy that you're back!

Annette - since you don't have time to cook, a fasting blood test should be easy to fit in! I know...bad joke :p. Looks like you have a busy week ahead

Lisa, Libby, Lynda, Roxy, Pranava, ohelp, Vicki, Christy, Bea, Mike, Mern.....check in! What are you all planning for the week! Sorry if I missed anyone there!

rainbow24 02-16-2015 10:46 PM

Good one, Debbie. Humour I can understand. :D

LHall1965 02-16-2015 10:49 PM

Love the new thread this week. I will have to think of something new to try.

I certainly understand the pain of hitting a stalemate. I have not taken the time and maybe don't want to see the actual measurements so I plan to do that sometime this week. I know I will be grateful later when I see the results in a few months.

Roxy - maybe shake it up a bit and like Debbie said try somthing new. I think stress doesn't help and when I relaxed about not seeing any weight loss then it happened. I know i will hit other plateaus but this is a new lifestyle and I just need to learn to eat healthy and exercise and the rest will follow.

Annette- great choices at the dinner the veggies and soup were probably filling and kept you on track. The desserts - well I snuck a couple choc covered strawberries this weekend but still better than a whole box of chocolates that I would have loved to have eaten. lol

Terri- great news that everything is coming along for you.

Wishing everyone off to a great start this week

libby135 02-16-2015 11:06 PM

I am on antibiotics for kidney bleeding again so no exercise and not much of an appetite. I have been sleeping a lot or lounging on the couch trying to get comfortable.
Hi Terry, I am wishing you all the best for you and your baby. Listen to your doctor, eat healthy and give yourself permission to gain weight. Keep posting.
Debbie, I had to give up aqua fit and don't know if I will go back when I am feeling better.
It's been very quiet on the board lately. I am glad that Debbie gave every one a shout out. I am aiming to maintain this week.

lildebbieg 02-17-2015 12:36 AM

I should have elaborated on the try something new thing. My new things are not drinking alcohol and hypnotism (that I found on youtube...if that sure does relax me before I go to sleep at night!). Those two changes have me feeling positive and also seeing results towards my goals!

Lynda - Let us know what your new something is!

Libby - kidney bleeding! Again! I didn't know this happened before...sorry to hear it's happening again! What is the cause! Sorry to hear you had to give up aquafit....sounded like you were enjoying it. Hope you feel better quickly!

AZLisaLou 02-17-2015 01:33 AM

I am trying something new to fit in along with the name of the thread this week. I keep hearing and reading about the bad effects of aspartame on long term health and that diet soda actually causes people to get fatter around the stomach than those who do not take in aspartame. So, I am giving up my years long addiction to Sprite Zero. I usually have 1.5 liters or more a day, every day. This is what I'm doing instead:

I put a packet of crystal light (enough to make 2 quarts) into an empty 2 liter soda bottle and fill it up with water. Then I pour about a cup of that mixture into my liter water bottle and fill the rest of it up with water. Even though Crystal Light still has aspartame, I'll be taking in very little each day. The watered down Crystal Light is enough to give the water a little flavor, because I can't stand water,a nd I don't like water with lemon or anything like that.

I could feel myself getting really dehydrated yesterday afternoon, evening and this morning. I just wasn't digging the change. But I'm making myself drink it, and I'm getting used to it. I have refilled my bottle 2x today. Still working on the 2nd liter. Not a drop of diet soda since yesterday afternoon. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for this big step of going off diet soda and starting on (mostly) water.

Libby, so sorry to hear you are having such a problem with your kidneys! that sounds pretty serious. I hope you recover from that quickly.

Debbie, I think you are very intuitive. You always seem to know the thoughts I have going on in my mind when you give us a quote or theme of the week.

Terri, good goals for the week.

Annette, looks like you have a VERY busy week ahead of you!

Hello Lynda, Roxy, Terri!

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