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Motivational Thread August 18-24 Let's Really Try Hard This Week! >

Motivational Thread August 18-24 Let's Really Try Hard This Week!

Motivational Thread August 18-24 Let's Really Try Hard This Week!

Old 08-24-2014, 01:20 PM
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Hi all. Now that I am posting my weight daily I am sure to watch what I eat and be active. I am aiming for a pound a week but I will take more. How is that for accountability. HA

Friday 179
Saturday 178.8
Sunday 178.6

I put skinless bone less chicken thighs and tomatille salsa in the slow cooker. I have never tried this before so I hope it turns out well. I will cook up some brown rice and cauliflower to go with it. That is what we are having for supper tonight.
It's awfully quiet this week end. Where is every body?

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I was wrong. I opened up one of my small containers to thaw. It looked like pork. We had chicken last night. I did a pot of spaghetti and tomato sauce for the family, while I had low sodium pasta with sliced fresh tomatoes.
Breakfast before church, I'm not sure yet. Probably oatmeal. Unfortunately oatmeal is one of my higher calorie breakfasts because of the stuff I add to it.
Lunch is leftover chicken because my daughter went out last night. If she had warned me in advance there wouldn't have been leftovers.
Dinner tonight is fish with a German flair. I guess a mustard type marinade or rub will suffice. New potatoes and any other leftover vegetable in my fridge will do. Shopping day tomorrow, so later I will plan my menu for the week.
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Old 08-24-2014, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by libby135 View Post
Hi Debbie. The quote I was referring to was "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it." Thank you for
encouraging us to make smaller goals so the task doesn't look overwhelming.
I would be willing to post my weight daily if you do?

Friday 179
Saturday 178.8
Love that quote too!! In fact, it was the first one I picked last September when I was just starting out. I always found the idea of the time it would take to reach my goal very daunting! Thanks for reminding me of this quote

Last September, I set myself some small monthly goals that I strived to reach each and every month. Most months I did quite well! I almost got to my ultimate goal, until I had that shoulder injury. That seemed to set me on a bad path...a path that has led me almost back to the start. That's okay...it is what it is. I've again set myself some small monthly goals to strive for and hopefully I'll be at or near my goal by the New Year. I'll take your challenge and post my weight daily under 1 condition...we both agree to start this and stick to it until the New Year. Good or bad, we need to post. I think that would be great motivation!!! So what do you say Libby, we're in this together until the New Year?

All Fitday friends! I think Libby has a great idea here! After all this thread is not only for motivation but also for accountability. If we post our weight daily, I know for sure it will help us to stay on track. If you think posting weight daily will help to keep you on the straight and narrow, then please join me and Libby!! The more the merrier! Just think, this type of accountability could have you down 18-20 lbs. by the New Year!! The New Year is a mere 18 weeks away and I know if we all put in the effort, being down 18 lbs. by is very acheivable! Where would 18-20 lbs. down put you at? Think about it? How much closer to your goal will you be? Would it put you closer to onederland or even land you in onederland? Would it get you half way to your goal? Motivating right? Then join us!!
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Well, here it is...the good, the bad, the ugly

Friday - 136.6 lbs. (the bad)
Saturday - 138.6 lbs. (the ugly)
Sunday - 135.4 lbs. (the good)
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday aiming for 133.6

The water weight fluctuation still astonishes me!! The jump up on Saturday was a direct cause of eating Chinese takeout. Not even sure why I was craving that crap! LOL! K, its back to business
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