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Mern 08-18-2014 02:53 PM

Motivational Thread August 18-24 Let's Really Try Hard This Week!
Today is my grandkids' second last day of summer vacation from school and I'm not sure if they'll be here tomorrow. I'm taking them to a buffet restaurant for lunch where I can eat on plan.

Goals this week same as usual
Calories 1400-1500
Log all my food
Stay within my recommended nutritional guidelines
Exercise 5 days still working up to 30 minutes per session
64 oz. water

Wishing everyone a productive day! :)

rainbow24 08-18-2014 03:37 PM

Enjoy your time with the grandkids, Mern.

Now that I have dinners worked out, it is time to look at lunches. So an actual goal would be to establish a soaking jar for soaking legumes each night. I have a variety. White beans, chili beans, black-eyed beans, lima beans, green or red lentils, and a soup mix. The lentils are for emergencies, in case I forget, although I have a great fake tomato sauce recipe for lentils.

New checklist:
1. Lunch with a friend on Wednesday
2. Writer's group on Wednesday evening
3. Planning meeting at an unknown time and date
4. Write a swimming scene for my story
5. Write out the recipes I use this week (Only if they taste good)
Things that come naturally but I need to watch:
1. Water intake
2. Sodium intake
1. Walk
2. Soak beans
3. Mow lawn
Walked 1 mile before breakfast, my water bottle is filled, and sodium is already under control with the chickpeas soaking.
Breakfast - Flax Pancakes with fruit syrup
Lawn - 1000 sq. ft. in 30 minutes & Farm - took a load of recyclables to transfer station
Lunch - Leftover Curry, rice, and vegetables with chickpeas
2.2L water finished before dinner. That mean I can have tea this evening. I think Chocolate Mint
Dinner - Ground beef with zucchini, fresh basil, and cilantro on a bed of low sodium chai noodles, and I allowed myself 1/4 cup grated cheese

taubele 08-18-2014 05:37 PM

Hi everyone!

I didn't get to check in this weekend as I couldn't really get to the computer (we were out, enjoying the gorgeous weather) but I'm not proud of it. There was a lot of beer and WAY TOO MUCH dairy. I didn't do my usual Monday morning weight in because I know it's going to look awful :) However, I am just going to say I had a good time - moving on now!

For this week, I'm upping my goals a little bit. I've dipped a toe in the water, and now it's time to jump in:

1) Water 64 oz. daily
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily.
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical.
4) Strength training Saturday
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky).

This week starts the beginning of my TRULY working again - lots of meetings and class prep (classes start next Monday) and I need to get my butt back into working on a normal schedule rather than merely in the afternoons after today. It'll be good for me though - I do well when my days are full and scheduled. I tend to go one way or the other - completely occupied or completely lazy. That all-or-nothing mentality Debbie talks about, maybe! :)

Let's have a great week everyone!


beccafries 08-18-2014 09:57 PM

OmG we had a BIG luncheon at work....I showed OUT bigtime :p
I gotta get back on in......

taubele 08-19-2014 02:29 AM

Thread is quiet today!

Mern: Hope you had fun with the grandkids!

Annette: What does soaking the legumes net you? Lower sodium?

Becca: Haha, that will be me tomorrow!!! Looking forward to seeing you have a great week :)

As for me:

I had a pretty good day today - protein was lower than I wanted, but that was because I had cereal for breakfast instead of my normal higher-protein breakfast, so that's okay. I was close to 1,500 with the calories, not bad for a first day back logging. I also got to the gym today, although it was very crowded and therefore hot in that little room. I had to take a break to cool down in the midst of my workout, but I did log a total of 40 minutes on the machine.

Tomorrow, all of my meals will be on the college, so I will do my best to make very good choices. I probably won't be able to log until the evening (my phone isn't covered by the FitDay app), so I might not know if it's a runaway train before it gets off the track. But! I will try not to run away with anything to begin with. Breakfast will be "continental" so there will probably be a form of some fruit salad, or I could eat some Greek yogurt before I even go, which might be better. Lunch will likely be sandwiches; dinner is the wildcard. I think I can hopefully keep it under control, and I will have a notepad app on my phone so I can write down what I eat! Check in with you all late, have a lovely evening :)

1) Water 64 oz. daily M: yes
2) Log everything and post total daily/weekly calories. Try to keep it under 1,500 daily. M: yes, 1,537 (close)
3) Cardio M, W, F - either DVD 40 mins., or 40 mins on elliptical. M: 40 mins elliptical
4) Strength training Saturday M-F: N/A
5) Protein above 20% of calories daily M: 18%
6) In bed by 11:00 every night (my sleep has been VERY wonky). M: I will
7) ADDED GOAL: Weigh in on Friday M-Th: N/A


rainbow24 08-19-2014 05:10 AM

Yes, Terri.

Dried beans and peas need to be soaked overnight. Only lentils cook up quick without soaking. Otherwise you can buy canned beans, but they are canned in a brine that is very high salt. Even after rinsing them under running water for several minutes, they are still salty.
I discovered that 1/2 cup beans is enough for two lunches. Tomorrow it is quinoa, beans, and cucumbers for lunch.

JediMindTricks 08-19-2014 06:11 AM

UGH. That is all I have to say for myself.

JediMindTricks 08-19-2014 06:19 AM

Mern, hope you enjoyed your time with the g'kids.

Terri, Sounds like you had a pretty good day. i hope they offer you good choices tomorrow.

Annette, I regularly eat too much sodium. I always rinse my canned beans, but I didn't realize they still carry a lot of sodium. Maybe I will have to try soaking. That requires planning ahead, though, and I usually haven't decided what to make for dinner until it's dinner time. Thanks for the idea.

Becca, just jump right back on track. (So says I who cannot control herself anymore.)

rainbow24 08-19-2014 03:15 PM

Janai - I usually don't like planning ahead either, but I have a few rules to follow. Salt is one, getting my fruits and vegetables is another, fish twice a week, and daily legumes are recommended. Normally I would have just used canned, but salt is an issue.

I have a bunch of recipes already because my granddaughter has allergies. We altered our cooking for her years ago. She was in grade 2 when we got the first official diagnosis, but we knew from birth that she had problems. She is 18 now.

I skipped the walk today because I want to mow another patch of grass and recycle like yesterday. Today I also intend to clean up some of the mess left in the shavings shed at the farm. We need the space for equipment. I also need to go grocery shopping.

I might have done too much yesterday because I was struggling with a little chest pain last night. Angina is the proper name. It might have been brought on by a bit of stress as well. My two oldest daughters got in an argument yesterday and I got to hear about it second hand. The gist of it is that one felt that I was overstating how serious my heart attack was. The other daughter felt that she was just worried that someone was stealing her "illness" thunder. That daughter has epilepsy that is not under control. It should be under control, but she subconsciously continues habits that trigger the seizures.

Resting time will be spent writing. Today it is a wedding and reception for the sister of the two main male characters. I love planning weddings that don't cost me anything. I need a Faroese tradition, a Belize tradition, and a few North American traditions.

Breakfast - egg with mushroom and tomato

Lunch - chickpeas with quinoa and cucumber

Dinner - Pork night with a German flair, so potato pancakes, root vegetables, and wholegrain caraway muffins

rainbow24 08-19-2014 03:42 PM

Forgot to say that I lost two more decimal points on the scale today.

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