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To all my fitday friends! You know how much I love motivational quotes? Well today's quote if for all of you!

"I get by with a little help from my friends" - The Beatles (and who could forget Joe Cocker's rendition of the song!)

All of you here on fitday continue to motivate and inspire me! Losing weight is no easy task, yet we all continue to move forward. We have set backs of course, but that's when our friends help to pick us up, dust us off and encourage us to keep going. I just wanted you to know that the kind words of support and encouragement spoken here is truly inspiring. So thank you
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(((((((((((((((group hugs))))))))))))))))
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Debbie, this is indeed a wonderfully supportive group of people. And right back at you with the thanks for all you do for our group. I certainly couldn't do this alone, either.

Bea, thanks--I'm in on the group hug.

Libby, DH and I did go and get an outdoor bench. Haven't decided if we want to put it by the jungle gym and baby swing or over on the other side of the yard by the wild cherry tree and butterfly flower garden. He's putting out some veggie plants right now, so I hope the rain holds off until we get the bench assembled. Actually, I'm hoping the rain holds out until after grandson gets back from his class field trip around 3PM.

Probably going out to eat this evening. We have a regional (Bob Evans) restaurant that DH and I love that has made-from-scratch cooking that can accommodate virtually any kind of diet--low fat, low carb, low cal, whatever. And they're so polite and friendly about making more diet friendly substitutions at no extra charge, so I get an extra green veggie or a side salad instead of potatoes. They very often have a buy one, get one free entree coupon and we've got one for tonight.

Off to exercise and I can't come back here until I get that done.
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OK, I did 15 minutes of disco walk with Jessica Smith on YouTube. My knee is bothering me a little bit and I don't want to strain it--I'll be fine to do another 15 minutes later today.
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Bea: Totally with you on the low sodium before weigh-in days, though I usually don't do anything different with my calories. Though I actually had a high-sodium day yesterday. Dang processed food for lunch. Girl, you are SO CLOSE to the 2's, what a fantastic thought!!!! 50 lbs. is a huge milestone. When I lost 50 the first time I went to the grocery store and picked up 2 25 lbs. of kitty litter and carried it around, imagining all that weight back on my body. Huge motivator.

Kwest: Welcome, great goals!!

Libby: Sounds like a great day - hope the scale rewarded you!

Jenn: Food sounds delicious! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes salad and rice together. DH thinks I'm nuts.

Mern: Can't express all my joy for your family. Hard work and determination are worth more than gold in my book, and it sounds like they're both on the right track and going to make it work. I always say that all the smarts in the world aren't worth anything if one is not willing to work hard! I can't wait to hear about their future successes! Thanks for the optimism regarding my new job. I will certainly keep everyone posted. Bob Evans sounds yummy for you tonight!

Kathy: Hopefully you can stop treading water soon and lay on your back and look at the awesome sky!

Jenai: Your week sounds like calorie cycling to me! Even if unintentional, haha. I find calorie cycling works really well for me when I need to ramp up my workouts and/or get my body out of a funk, so you never know! I hope the Slim 6 works for you. I've had to go through several programs to find stuff that works. Right now I do Turbo.

Lidiia: We all make mistakes - I think I make a mistake like that about once a week, lol! Good on you for stopping it and getting back on today! You're doing awesome!

Debbie: Good on you, the scale does not control you!!! I've heard lovely things about the SBD but never tried it, I hope it works for you! Keep us posted!

Mary: Good logic on not weighing. I hate posting gains too, ugh, and you know yourself well enough to know what it will REALLY say tomorrow!

Stepped on the scale this morning and saw 181.8 -- WOOHOO!!! That's two pounds (exactly) off from Monday. I'm pretty certain at least some of it is water weight that came off since I upped my water intake, but I will totally take it. Would love to be back down into the 170s by next week. It's going to be difficult because there's a faculty reception this afternoon AND our get-together tomorrow. I'm just going to keep saying "veggie tray only, veggie tray only, veggie tray only..." while I'm at the party today and see if it works, hahaha. Or maybe just keep chanting "two pounds, two pounds, two pounds..."

Daily Goals:
1) Drink at least 64 oz. of water-- M: yes T: yes W: yes Th: yes
2) Calories on average ~1350 M: 1,562 T:1,427 W: 1,427 (the EXACT same? Holy cow. I ate totally different foods. That'll never happen again)Th: 1,562 (It was 1,407, but then hubby brought me a fruity mixed beverage while I was grading. It was sweet of him, so I didn't say no) Average: 1494.5
3) Shoot for ~25-30% of calories from protein across the week, daily and across week M: 22% T: 19% W: 17% (it's going down, I don't like that trend!) Th: 18% (it was 20% before the drink)Average: 19%
4) No mindless eating!!!! M: yes T: no, I ate two pieces of bacon just because they were there W: yes Th: I snacked, but it was mindful, so yes.
5) Getting back into workout routine - do 20 minute exercise routine M-F this week, every day, no excuses, it's twenty minutes. M: yes T: yes W: yes Th: yes
6) Log everything M: yes T: yes W: yes. Had to guess on a couple of portion sizes, but I logged it. Th: yes

Specific Day Goals (I'll just start these with Thursday)
Th: Call previous mentor, get that reimbursement paperwork submitted, senior final papers graded -- Didn't finish all the papers (I got to them Friday morning) but I did get another abstract submitted, so I consider this a wash.
F: Class #2 final papers have a good dent in them (over half graded)
Saturday: Control myself when we have people over for the evening. I'm allowed one treat.
Sunday: Do an extra workout! All senior exams graded


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Thank you, Terry! I've booked a place on cycling course through June and am buying a bicycle tomorrow, going to cycle my weight off through green fields of Leicestershire!

Wish you success!!!
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I was over on calories but it was all good food not junk. Tonight I am going out to a movie and I might have a diet pop but no popcorn or chocolate.
Have a good weekend.

Drink water: M-Y T-Y W-Y T-Y F-Y
Eat fruit and veg: M-Y T-Y W-Y T-Y F-Y
Exercise 3X: 10 min. 10 mi.
Go to bed on time: HA, No, Yes, Yes
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I had a good day today....I ate really well..which is hard when its the start of the weekends....I could have gone out for Happy Hr...but I said NO...

Anybody still have a few cocktails here n there????
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omg I am so sad! I baked a home made a cinnamon cake tonight (plain basic batter with a combination of a little butter, brown sugar and chopped pecans sprinkled on top)...a 9x13, but thinly spread, cut into 8 pieces. I thought to myself, a piece of unfrosted Pillsbury golden cake is 160 calories, so surely this will be about the same. NOT!!!! After I ate it I sat down and calculated everything. It's 409 freaking calories!!!! I'm about to have a heart attack! That puts me at 1400 calories for the day, which is too much in my mind. My goal had been 1200-1400 previously, but now that I'm eating less, I think it should be no more than 1200. It was delicious, but guess what kind of cake I won't be eating in the future! Not a good way to start the weekend.
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Do not be so upset, Jenai,
recently I had a few too many biscuits, still another day of nearly fasting and I'm back to 140lb, need to watch it in the future, however, as my DH says, you are not in prison and can have something sweet occasionally
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