Food Addiction/BED/Gluten

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Default Food Addiction/BED/Gluten

Hey all! Just sharing a piece of my weight loss story.

I'm 18 yrs old and in college. I've been struggling with a food addiction since HS. My whole life I never had a problem with food, but I attended an all-girls HS where eating sweets and junk food (all with tons of gluten) was glorified, and it completely warped my view of food.

When I got to college, I couldn't control myself and started bingeing left and right. I was pretty overweight. (I have BED, binge eating disorder, and an addiction to gluten.)

Since then, I have lost about 35 lbs and am now in the healthy range, approx 5 lbs away from my goal of 120 lbs. I tried to stop eating gluten, which helped a lot.

But my view of food is still warped. I think about food all the time, and I can't stand it. Walking to class, I look around and see food everywhere. I notice when other people are eating, what they are eating, and compare myself. Not to mention, I still crave things with gluten. Even though I am physically healthy, my mind is still unhealthy! :[ I am in danger of relapsing all the time.

Plus, I'm constantly stressed about losing (and maintaining) my weight. I need to lose the remaining 5 lbs within a week. But I constantly weigh myself throughout the day and freak out every time it inches up after meals or due to water retention. It doesn't help, since the stress just makes me think about food even more!

If anyone has had a similar experience, feel free to share, and we can support each other!
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Default Food Addiction

i was the same when i got to college. if i hadn't found the mucusless diet, i would have been in bad shape. check out this series of videos on addiction to mucus-forming foods. its the best and most real material i've seen on food addiction: Addiction to Pus and Mucus-forming Foods: Stages of Dependency and Recovery

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