i need help!

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Default i need help!

I joined 1 year ago..and this site helped me lose the 10lbs I was looking to lose. In fact by last Sept. I was in the best shape of my life.... Unfortunately the loooooooong winter, and medical circumstances helped me to gain not only the 10lbs I had lost, but an extra 10 on top of it. Also, had completely stopped working out, so lost all of the lean muscle I had. I am so depressed over it now that I binge eat, I seem to have no control. I have no energy for workouts and feel like I'm on this endless cycle of unhappiness. I really need help. My sisters wedding is this coming Sept. and of course I have to get fitted for a dress and then stand in front of a bunch of ppl in it. She also wants me to sing, which causes even more attention. So, there are reasons why I SHOULD have motivation...but I just cant seem to get started.
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Your sister asked you to sing at her wedding? You must have a good voice!

Weddings are stressful for all the people who participate - and some who just watch the ceremony. Receptions are less stressful. Think about what a good time you are going to have. You have several months so make a plan, make some sort of system for sticking to the plan, and relax. The wedding is going to happen whether you are thinner or not. It's a joyful occasion!
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Thank you for your reply. You are right.... and I got two workouts in today.. not high intensity. But I do feel better. Went out on our nature/bike trail for over half an hour. Its so peaceful out there, so also helped me clear my head.
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You'll have no problem dropping that weight when you're ready to commit to your goal. Try using a motivation post-it board along with a month-to-month calendar in the corner of your room, in the bathroom, or even in your closet so it's your own private mission :-)

Along with the calendar post your goal in bold words "Lose 20 Pounds By September 1, 2014". On the board or with post-its write what you are going to do to achieve this goal. For example 1) Maintain a daily calorie total of 1,500 calories Monday-Saturday 2) No snacking on junk food or soda 3) Appropriate portion size at EVERY meal 4) Healthy snacks in between meals 5) Water, water water 6) Workout AT LEAST 3 times per week.

On your monthly calendar write on the days you workout and what type of exercise/sport you did. With a monthly calender it's easy to see which days of the week you are working out and/or if you are "lazy" one week week, so that should motivate you to be a bit more active the following week.

You can do it!! Just maintain DAILY healthy habits, get rid of the junk food/drinks, and come September you'll be smiling from ear to ear as you sing for your sister's wedding :-)
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Default Rooting for you!

I'm rooting for you, I'm sure you cna do it + weddings are always wonderful events!
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Hi!! What a wonderful gal you are for participating in the wedding..the bride must love you very much! This IS doable and we are here to let you know your can do this I am in the middle of doing exactly the same thing (just for different reasons). On my calendar I use stickers from the dollar store for my exercise and food and believe me I just love my sparkly calendar! I have lost 20 lbs on my own in 11 weeks but just purchased one of the Beachbody systems to help boost my efforts and absolutely love it, it is called the "21 Day Fix". I am on the first round of my first "21 days" and will do it over and over until I acheive my goal weight. It is worth googling it for the details, I was very impressed and I don't impress easily. You can do this!!!
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