Motivational Thread for Week of 1-13-14

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Default Motivational Thread for Week of 1-13-14

Good Morning!

I am coming off five days of stomach flu. Had my goals been sleeping and trips to the bathroom, I would have rocked them .

Feeling a bit more human today, so time to get some goals!

1. Log everything.
2. Exercise 5 days (M & W are 12-hour days at work)
3. 1300 calories.
4. Balance the pie chart for what works for me.
5. Force the fluids.
6. Check in and post daily.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend; looking forward to this week
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Default Need Encouragement

I am new here, but not new to weight-loss and exercise. I have gradually gained about 20 lbs over the past couple of years, and really need to get it off! My BP is higher than usual & I feel like you-know-what. Weird how being overweight does that to me. Like my whole personality and outlook on life is different - all because I am overweight and HATE the way my body looks right now! Ready to do something about it & hoping that joining a group (something I've never done) might keep me motivated to get rid of my excess baggage. How can I join a group so that I can be accountable for what I eat and my weight loss goals?
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Good morning Cassie. Thanks for starting us off. The week end started out rough but ended well.

Week 3
Day 4

Calorie limit 1200 YNY
6 glasses of water YNY
Treadmill 3X YYY
Hand weights 3X YY
Post daily and weigh in on Friday no matter what

Nyda, my daughter once took a bird out of a cats mouth. I thought it was dead. She held it in her hands until it revived and it flew away. We were all amazed.
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Welcome DCar. Morning all.

Checking in. Got my sore but up this morning and worked out, so we're off to a good start.

Here are my goals for the week.
Keep calories to 1600-1700
Do yoga everyday (M-F)
Do Shred video everyday (M-F)
No Sugar!
Don't procrastinate on work stuff
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Welcome Dcar4. I joined In January of 2013 weighing 195 pounds and I have lost 27 pounds. I still have a lot to lose but this forum and the people here have helped me accomplish what I have done. Make some goals and stick to them. You will succeed.
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My goals this week:

No snacking after 8 PM
Keep calories at 1200/day
Workout Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
Lose 2 lbs this wk.
Think GOOD thoughts
Do some housework!
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Recap from last week.
The Good: I got in my 3 workouts
The Bad: I only lost 1 pound
The Ugly: I fell apart over the weekend and didn't post
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I'm back here where I need to be. Now to stay motivated.

Goals this week:
No bread or butter
Exercise and Sauna daily
Eat healthy
Post daily.
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Hi all Back to work today after being so ill for an entire week....and I'm dragging my butt!!! I was planning on getting in a workout this evening, but I have no idea where I'll find the energy! I'll need to start getting up before work again in order to fit it all it....but no idea where I'll find energy to get up early either!

Cassie - Poor you! I thought I had a rough week with the influenza virus, but being down with the stomach flu is simply awful! Glad you're on the mend!

Welcome Dcar4! There are a group of us who weigh in on Fridays and have a check in. You're welcome to join us! You'll find the Friday Weigh In post here in the Motivation and Support forum.

Libby - Hey buddy! Glad to see you're making good use of those hand weights!

Erin - Glad to know I'm not alone having to get up early to get in a workout! What time are you up? I'm up at 4:45....ugh!

Mike - Sorry to hear you fell apart over the weekend. Hope you're feeling back on track today.

Kumochi - Motivation can be tough...especially in the cold least I find Where do you sauna? Are you lucky enough to have one at home?

Have a great day all!
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Just flying by to let you all know I'm here and committed to doing well this week. Welcome SailorMoon, Dcar and any other newbies I missed.

Mary (Kumochi) Welcome home!!!! So great to see you here.

I gotta run. Had stuff to do this morning and have to babysit 4-midnight. I'll stay on track and will exercise.

Didn't have time to read any posts. Hope to catch up later today.
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