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Old 01-13-2014, 01:27 AM   #91
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Debbie -- glad you're on the mend. That flu is scary stuff.

Hope -- Sounds like you had a good plan. I hope it went well.

Nyda -- I'd say that's crazy, but I came home once to find blue bird feathers strung all over my house. Sadly, I did not get home in time to save my cat's feathered playmate. Glad your birdy made it.

Libby -- good job. Sounds like a good day.

And hello everyone else. Hope everyone's weekend went well.

As for me... I'm feeling a bit discouraged. First week of my renewed commitment to health, I saw the weight moving down -- which really helps my motivation. This week I didn't work out as long, but I did better than last week on calories.

And the past two days, DH and I worked outside shoveling rock for a landscape project in the afternoons. So not a work out -- but still a work out, you know?

Anyway... The past couple of days my weight is going up! Ack!

I know it can be water. I know it can be muscle growth / repair, etc.

I still don't like it. I feel like I'm working so hard and I want to see some results darn it. I know they'll come. I'm just kind of impatient.

OK. Rant over. Tomorrow is Monday, which means back to getting up early to work out. Better get my chores done and wind down for the evening.
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evening all. I had to work today. I was the only one closing. So losts to do. I looked up bakery under activites and according to FD I burned 1900 calories. YEa. Was very close on the calories today in food ate.
1 LOG EVERY THING I eat m-n t-close. w-y,t-y,f-y,s-y,s-y
2-Post at least once a day m-n.t-y,w-y,t-y,f-y,s-y,s-y
3 Drink 8 cups of water min-m-y-,t-n, w-y,t-yf-y,s-y,s-y
4 exercise 2 times, not yet,t-y, Walked around 2 stores.
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