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canary52 01-06-2014 01:16 PM

Motivational for the week of 1/6/14, Resolutions, Shmesolutions, Let's Get Serious
Hi everyone, ready? Let's get serious and still have fun.

1) Plan meals or log
2) Drink water (6 glasses min.)
3) stretch daily
4) Go back to gym
5) Despite brutal weather, try to get outside
6) See friends
7) Be nicer to spouse
8) Work towards 2/15 deadline (get serious)
9) Study Spanish (have fun)
10) Meditate cause it helps

canary52 01-06-2014 01:22 PM

Plan 2/6/14

Toast, Ezkiel English Muffin or frozen waffle (I;m taking an anti B and need something on my tummy, in a hurry)
protein and salad
100 cal nuts
chicken and veg
2 c popcorn

Mern 01-06-2014 01:53 PM

Hi, Hope! So great to see you! Thanks for starting us off. Your goals and menu look great. ::)

My goals served me well last week, so I will continue them but add a goal of losing one pound per week. Maybe that will encourage me to exercise more.

This week's goals:
Calories 1200-1600
Saturated fat average maximum of 12% of total calories
Net carbs (total carbs less fiber) average maximum 25g per day
Fiber averrage minimum of 25g per day
Protein average minimum of 120g per day
Dietary cholesterol average maximum of 250g per day
Water 48 oz. per day
Exercise 3 days

Today's planned menu:

eggs (I use zero cholesterol egg blend) with broccoli, turkey, and just 2 tablespoons Classico Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

protein shake with flaxmeal

wrap of roast beef, Laughing Cow Cheese, spinach and a couple strawberries

celery with peanut butter

homemade veggie soup, pollack fish, cooked spinach

another protein shake and the last couple ounces of cold skinless chicken breast

01gt4.6 01-06-2014 03:03 PM

Hope, Thanks for getting us started!! As you can tell from when you just saw me, I need to get my ass in gear! I definitely think #7 is a great goal to work on. ;)

I'm in, and boy do I need to be. I might as well jump in with both feet! It's time to drag out the Count.

Health and Fitness:
1) lose 3 pounds
2) gym 3 times
3) 3 liter water per day
4) 3 fruits/veggies per day

5) 3 Random acts of kindness (RAKs)

libby116 01-06-2014 03:53 PM

I am here and ready to move. Good work on the weigh in.
Week 3
Day 1

Calorie limit 1200
3 fruits and 3 vegetables
Treadmill 3X
Hand weights 3X
6 glasses water
Post daily
Weigh every Friday no matter what.

I will post my days results tonight. :D

lildebbieg 01-06-2014 05:15 PM

So bummed that I'm under the weather and can't work out. In the meantime, I'll be checking in to see how everyone else is doing with their personal goals. As soon as I'm up to it, I'll be back in the saddle....which is hopefully tomorrow?

Mern - Thanks for pointing me to the new thread :) I checked out the recipes and will definitely try out the crockpot rotisserie chicken...seen similar recipes but never tried it out but would love to! Wish I tried it sooner so I had some homemade chicken soup in the freezer today! ;)

Libby - I can feel your energy! You are on a roll!!! Doing a fantastic job hitting your goals. Keep it up!!!

My fever is down without taking anything since this morning so hopefully that means I will be good to go tomorrow!

Mern 01-06-2014 06:29 PM

My downfall last week was water. I'm working on it as I type this. I know cold water speeds up metabolism, but today I'm enjoying hot green tea on such a cold day here in the Midwest USA.

Mike, there you are! And even posting goals! :D Best wishes this week. Nice to see the Count again, "Ah, ah, ah..."

Libby, what an awesome job you are doing in your second week! Best wishes for a wonderful day.

Debbie, how are you feeling right now? It was good to read that your fever is down. We certainly don't want you to push yourself too hard--we give "dispensations" to our sick pals. :) That crockpot rotisserie chicken was a surprise to me--I was surprised that it worked to begin with and was so moist and tender and delicious. I make all my own soups because of being sodium and carb sensitive. I have turkey stock in my freezer that I made with the Christmas turkey carcass. Too bad I can't post some to you through this thread. My grandkids love to make soup with me. Whenever I make a roast in the crockpot, I always save and cool those juices and then skim off the fat before freezing it. The next meat juices go right on top of that, whether it be pork, beef, or poultry until I have enough for a good soup base. Then we add whatever low carb veggies I have on hand. My 12 year old granddaughter is really great at adding seasonings by "dump and taste" method--we never measure anything for soup. She and I have pretty much the same taste for the seasonings, so if something doesn't taste just right, she can tell what it needs. She has learned the golden rule of cooking from scratch when not measuring, "You can always add, but can't take away." She made the yummy veggie soup I'm having with dinner tonight.

lildebbieg 01-06-2014 09:25 PM

Awww Mern! You're so sweet :) I seriously woke up this morning wishing for my mother's homemade soup. If the roads weren't like an ice rink, I may have called to see if she would be in town today to bring me some. I'll enjoy your virtual soup as a sub for my mom's :D My kids love cooking and baking with my mother too! Honestly (and I'll only say this because she would never be the wiser), she's not a great cook....BUT! what she cooks/bakes she cooks with love. I learned the art of seasoning food on my own through trial and error...which is essential...while I didn't learn that from her...I did learn from her was that homemade food is ALWAYS more wholesome and nutritious than any prepackaged stuff.

I still feel unwell tonight, but only a low fever. Just dug out some frozen spaghetti sauce...needing some comfort moderation of course! :rolleyes:

lildebbieg 01-06-2014 09:29 PM

Right before I closed this window I saw you put up a new weight for today Mern. Congrats on your weight loss! :)

01gt4.6 01-06-2014 10:03 PM

Mern, the Count has been long overdue. So far so good today. I was going to add my normal goal of writing 3 policies for the week... but I've already written 5 today.:D Even though I've been super busy, I ate clean and I've been killing the water!! About to leave the office, hit the gym, run home eat, then run back out for pool league. I should be down (water weight) tomorrow.

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