7 Day Motivational Thread 9/30/13

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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread 9/30/13

Good morning all.

I'll be making some goals for Tori and myself. She doesn't know yet but that's okay.

My Goals:
1) eat clean
2) drink lots of water
3) 3 fruits/veggies per day
4) walk 10 miles

Tori's Goals:
1) drink lots of water
2) no mindless eating
3) walk TBM 4 times
4) visit TJC 2 times

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Good morning Mike! Thanks for starting us off. Went to vegetarian dinner at church last night. It was good but too many carbs. I should have stayed away from the dessert table as they only had cake.

Anybody here watch Rachael Ray? She had a whole audience full of people who have lost a lot of weight--some well over a hundred pounds. What an inspiration.

1. Drink 6 glasses of water
2. Eat sensibly
3. Exercise 4X for 30 min
4. Lose 1lb (at least)

Personal goals
1. write more
2. finish cleaning house
3. work on scrapbook

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Good morning guys! Jenn I never watch it but I think watching anything inspirational is a good idea. I could watch "never give up, Arthur's transformation" again and again, right Mike?

I somehow need to be letting go (not stressing) about the things not getting done! I know I need to work on that this week.


1. Eat healthy
2. Drink water
3. Walk, walk, walk.


Mike is Tory on the walking challenge?
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Robin, yeah that's a good one. I don't think she is.
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Hiya guys

My goals:
1) lose some frigging weight
2) stop eating so much frigging sugar
3) go to the gym why don't I 3x this week
4) stretch DAILY
5) set priorities for work

OK see y'all soon, back to work (priority)
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Sorry guys, I posted this in the wrong area. I moved it to the right area. Rookie mistake.
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Hello everyone, I am new here so I am not sure if I am even in the right place.

I am 31 years old 5'3 and started getting back on track in May of this year. Since May 2013 I have lost 38lbs (starting weight 233, current 195). I currently alternate running and walking 30 mins per day (working on stamina to run the whole time) 4 days per week, do a 1 hour hip hop Cardio class 1 day per week and eat as clean as possible. I also incorporate Cardio Yoga a few days per week.

I have been feeling discouraged because I haven't seen any weight loss in almost 2 weeks now. My goal is to lose 60 more pounds - but not seeing a steady decrease as I have been has been playing with my mind.

I decided to try and log what I eat to see if that might be the problem, and of course looking for people to tell me this is normal and give me virtual pats on the back! LOL

I also would like to start HIT or weight lifting - however my schedule with two small kiddos limits what I am able to squeeze in. Any advise or suggestions?

Thanks for listening.

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Mike, thanks for locking my thread I started after not noticing yours.

Everyone, sorry 'bout the confusion.

Goals this week:

lose 3 lbs.
Eat on plan my doctor and I formulated for me
Exercise 150 minutes this week
Water 64 oz. per day

Today's planned menu:
Breakfast: flaxmeal with protein powder and decaf coffee
Lunch: chicken salad with almonds, celery, and ranch dressing
Dinner changed to: salmon patty, low carb pasta with veggies and Alfredo sauce.

On THE CHEW today, Mike Symon was leery about people going vegetarian because he was concerned about blood sugar rising out of control, but there are a TON of low carb, low calorie veggies jam-packed with good vitamins--especially the green ones: spinach, kale, broccoli, Swiss Chard, green beans, asparagus, cabbage, just to name a few.

Nice to see so many regular posters here, starting the week off by listing your goals.

Astralmonkey, welcome and congrats on your weight loss so far. I hope you find all the support here that you are looking for.

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I better jump back in before I put this off any longer.

I hit my goal weight about 2-3 weeks ago so now I'm really just trying to get in better shape which seems like the hardest part of this whole journey. I'm just too lazy to work out Think I'll skip on this weeks walking challenge since it's going to be raining quite a bit, but each time I'm slaving away on the bike at home I'll pretend I'm running.

Woke up on Sunday and there was water all over the kitchen floor, gf gave me a telling off about getting drunk and making a mess, although I was 99% sure it had nothing to do with me, then yesterday I get home and there's water on the floor again... now I'm 100% sure it wasn't me. Need to investigate.

Keep calories in/out more or less equal (+-500)
Exercise everyday
Adequate protein intake
Only hit the bottle once this week
Complete at least 50% of daily to-do list
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Hi all. I have been painting again. Spent 2.5 hours climbing up and down a ladder. I got the ceiling painted in the hall and through the kitchen. When the house was built they plastered the ceiling but did not paint it. Can't wash it this way you wash off the plaster. Was wondering does ladder climbing count as walking. Will be doing a lot of it this week. After I paint the ceiling then I have to go around and scrub all the high spots.

Mike nice to see you back

Astralmonkey welcome new people are always welcome.Makes the journy more fun. When I was going to weight watchers I was told that sometimes when we stop loosing as fast,our body is catching up. Have you measered you self lately. You may be loosing inches instead of pound right now.

drink lots of water,y
log everything I eat,y
post at least once a day,y
exercise daily,y
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