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Please keep in mind that this site is comprised of individual opinions only, and use caution when giving or reading any medical advice. No one here is acting in a professional capacity and there is no substitute for the advice of your own medical professionals and your own research as to what you feel is best.

Additionally, the original poster asked simply for recipes and not medical advice. I realize that we all have our soapboxes; however, please use discretion in posting.
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I was merely sharing information and giving my opinion! As a Practicing Nurse with a Masters Degree in Nursing, I work side by side with Diabetic patients, Endocrinologists and Cardiologists everyday. When she asked about recipes (ie food combinations) , I gave her some information on food choices and information that she could read. You can't make healthy diabetic recipes if you don't understand what you should and shouldn't be eating as a Type 2 Diabetic or you will be going around in circles and getting nowhere. An Orthopoedic Surgeon that I work with recommends the Palio diet to all of his patients on a regular basis as a way to lose weight and get get their blood sugar levels under control (the diet that I suggested to her ). I gave her information so that she could do some research own her on and make an informed decision. However, you guys apparently deleted the link to a very reputable Physican who has a wealth of information about reversing/treating type 2 diabetes. I thought this was a site about nutrition and exercise ??? ... both play a huge part in Type 2 Diabetes.

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Default recipe website

Originally Posted by baseballgirl21 View Post
As a newly diagnosed Diabetic I am looking for new and fun recipes for diabetics. I am the momma of 3 daughters so they have to like them too. none of us are picky eaters so hopefully you all have some ideas. I am also trying to lose weight and eat healthier so let me know what you got. look forward to seeing what you all have to say.
I was watching a tv show this morning called Recipe Rehab. The website is Better Eats. The show I was watching took a recipe for pumpkin bars and made it low cal--one was even low carb. One of the young ladies was pre-diabetic. I am always looking for new recipes so any time I find a website or book I write it down.

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The tiny bit of lactose in the milk in any recipe is hardly enough to cause a diabetic to go into hyperglycemia. Rather, consuming too much of ate cake overall would do it before what little milk and eating a normal serving would cause.

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My spouse and i has been recognized since Type 2 Diabetic inside Drive. I had trouble finding out things to try to eat.

A fantastic web page to check out may be the U . s . Diabetes Association. Skin diet. Are you aware of what exactly your own carb allotment is actually of waking time? I might in addition advise planning to check your local library. I found a lot of cookbooks. From time to time the info may be just a little expired however the dishes are still excellent.
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