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Default Post Workout Snacks

I'm thinking I need to add another snack after I do strength training at the gym. I always have an 8oz protein shake right after my workout but my next routine snack time is about 3.5 to 4 hours away and I'm finding not only can I not make it that long without my stomach growling, but my overall energy level is low. I feel great after the workout but that energy spike drops after 2 to 3 hours.

What would you guys suggest? I'm thinking I need either a fruit (I've heard berries are good at keeping you full longer) and/or a protein source. That would be something like soy yogurt with blueberries or banana and almonds. I could also eat a Luna or Cliff bar but I hesitate with those because granola bars can have a lot of extra sugar. Thoughts?
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It depends on how long your gym sessions last but in general, you need carbs with the protein. Weight training i uses the anaerobic energy pathway and burns lots of glycogen.

Carbs/protein in a 2.2:1 up to 4:1 ratio is needed for best assimilation of both nutrients.

Look for maltodextrin on ingredients lists. It is actually glucose and is easily absorbed without having as severe an effect on blood sugar levels as other simple carbohydrates.
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Interesting info about maltodextrin, HC. I just purchased some Stevia In The Raw (Cup for Cup, not the packets) and noted that it has some maltodextrin in it. I guess it would be good for homemade Iced Tea, as part of the recovery program.

I bought it for homemade bread/pizza making.

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I'm a fan of some greek yogurt along with some fruit after working out. a 6oz serving of Chobani Yogurt contains 20g of Carbs and 14g of Protein. Add in a mozzarella cheese stick for an extra 7g of Protein.
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