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Default Soda

It has been 3 weeks for me with out MT. Dew, which is great for me because I was drinking about 3-4 20oz bottles a day without a second thought.
I now have a cup of tea in the morning with honey, but oh man the craving for a MT. dew is killing me.
Any ideas of what will help take the edge off?
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Have you tried sparkling water? It won't give you the caffein kick of Mt Dew, but it does have that nice bubbly - tickle the nose feeling.
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Not sure if this is very helpful suggestion, but maybe black coffee.
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Maybe if you read about how crazy it is to be pumping High Fructose Corn Syrup into your body it will make you come to your senses.
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The way I weaned off of carbonated sodas, is exactly that, weaned... first off buy smaller size bottles or cans, go that way for a week or two, then, start to eliminate and replace with something that is just as pleasing, Mt. Dew sort of has a lemony flavor, Lemon Zinger Tea is really nice flavor and has that sweet-tart thing like Mt. Dew. Try brewing up some of that and have it iced? Worth a shot.
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There is such a thing as Diet Mt. Dew you know. Just drink the diet version and you can have your Mt. Dew. I promise it won't make you gain weight.
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Artificial sweeteners are just as crazy to be drinking in soft drinks.

That's why I stay away from them. But if someone wants to play Russian Roulette with their health, that's their prerogative, don't let me stop anybody.

There is at least one Doctor out there that tells the truth, like it is. Dr. Mercola!

Dr. Mercola's artificial sweetener resources

Just a sampling of topics:

Aspartame Dangers and Side Effects

NutraSweet Induces Cancers of the Liver and Lung

The Deadly Neurotoxin Nearly EVERYONE Uses Daily

One More Reason to Ban Artificial Sweeteners

The Potential Dangers of Sucralose

Splenda - Made from Sugar, but is Closer to DDT

Are Diet Sodas Making You Fat

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I've pretty well weaned off of diet coke, and my habit was as bad as yours, grabbing a diet coke was literally the first thing I did every morning. Instead of quitting cold turkey, I let myself have a diet coke as a reward for drinking all 100 oz of water. Using it as a reward has had a weird auto-response effect. Now every time I'm thirsty for a diet coke, I reach for an ice water instead. You might try the same thing with your Mountain Dew or with diet Mountain Dew. It sounds like you're headed into binge territory, and that's not good.
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Vito is right. I never knew how dangerous this stuff was until I researched it for myself and that made me want to totally stop drinking it. I used to drink a lot of coke. At first it was hard to give up but the cravings went away in time. I haven't had one since late February when I first started my diet. People use soda to clean engines, imagine what that does to the body.
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