Always hungry??

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Default Always hungry??

Starting out, I took in 1200 calories a day, and was always hungry. After losing my first 15 pounds, I increased to 1400 calories because the hungry feeling was making me want to give up on dieting altogether. At 1400 calories, I was doing well, able to feel like I was getting enough to eat on a daily basis.

Last week, however, my dr told me that since I'm trying to get pregnant, I need to take in 1600 calories a day. I have no idea why that is the magical number, but she said it was so I figured I'd give it a try...

It has been 8 days and I'm STARVING every day! Constant gnawing hunger in my gut. This doesn't make any sense! I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies, oats, a few full-fat items that I can't live without, and the occasional 100 calories worth of annie's organic bunny grahams. It doesn't feel like I'm making bad (empty calorie) choices, so why the hunger?

Any ideas how I can stay fuller longer? Would fiber pills help? I'm grasping at straws here
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I wonder if what you are eating is causing your blood sugar to spike? Try looking online for a list of slow burn carbohydrates or low glycemic load foods and try adding those to your intake. There is also a helpful book called "The New Glucose Revolution" that totally changed the way I eat, and my hunger level. Good luck with your pending family... hurray!
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There's no reason to be "starving". You need to increase your fiber and protein. Both of these will keep you fuller for longer. I see you're a long time member to the Forums. Have you checked out the "Best of Series" yet? Lots of good tips! "Healthy Snacks" and "How Much Protein" might be very beneficial for your specific concern:

FitDay's Best of Series
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I agree with Vito...the fiber and the protein will go a long way. I'm not sure what you mean by your few full-fat items, but if you put in a substantial dose of healthy fats, that definitely keeps hunger at bay. How does your macro pie chart look?
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And I agree with Cassie.

Include more healthy fats as well, like almonds (found in the "healthy snacks" Best of). And make sure you're getting PLENTY of water. At least around 80 ounces daily.
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My guess is you are spiking due to something sugary or carb based. Best thing you could do is turn up the water and flavoring to help with it. Maybe pop a few non sugared raisins or something like that. It will help, and add fiber.
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I just keep drinking water to stave off the hunger. I couldnt go below 1400 calories a day. I feel kind of crazy ravenous!
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If you're trying to get pregnant (and once you become so) your nutrition has to be really locked in. Protein and healthy, natural fat will not not only keep you fuller longer and keep those hunger pangs at bay, but keep in mind that the growing little one is, literally, made out of fat and protein. Keep on eating loads of veggies, get your B-vitamins, iron and folate (just as important before as during a pregnancy!), drop the sugar and boost your intake of fish, avocado, almonds, walnuts, olives and olive oil.

Salads with olive oil and balsamic with a nice cut of fatty fish on the side should become a staple at least once or twice a week. Vinegar has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity so don't go shy on the balsamic!

Good luck!
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