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Default I made my first batch of yogurt!

I'm really pleased.

It was a little tricky, because I was heating the milk in a makeshift double boiler, and it was taking forever to get to 185 degrees (to kill off whatever eats up the yogurt cultures and keeps them from multiplying, I think). Finally I discovered I had let the pan boil dry! No harm done, but it kept me in a hot kitchen a lot longer than I would have otherwise.

Anyway, I let it cool to 110, stirred in a couple tablespoons of store bought yogurt, and put my container (a crockpot container) into an insulated bag. All night long, while I slept, those little bacteria guys were busy, busy, busy!

When I checked it this morning, it was perfect. It was thick and yogurty! I haven't tasted any yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Okay, just out of curiosity, I went to Safeway.com and did some price checking, to see if it's really cheaper this way. Here's what I found, assuming all whole milk products, not organic:

A half gallon of milk is $2.49, or $.04 per fluid oz.

A 32 oz tub of Mountain High plain yogurt is $3.89, or $0.12 per oz.

And the individual tubs of plain Brown Cow (the only individual whole milk yogurt I can find) are $1.49 each, or $0.25 per oz.

So, it's about three times less expensive than buying the big tubs, and 6+ times less expensive than buying the individual cups. Cool!
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congrats on your success making yougurt. great job!!!!!!! i'm sure it will taste better too. let us know how it tates when you try it.
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thanks elderwanda for explaining how it is done. I have always been curious about making my own yogurt. good job making it, having fun, and saving money.
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