Protein recommendations?

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some people say anywhere from .75g per pound of lean body mass to 1g of total body weight.
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I make sure I get at least 100 grams a day, and more probably wouldn't hurt. I eat steak and eggs most mornings. I buy little thin cut steaks that are about an ounce each cooked. I eat two of those and two eggs (fresh from the farm down the road) fried w/cooking spray. Fairly low cal with some fat and protein.

I have fish two or three times a week, as well as ham, turkey, chicken, etc. On Saturday I usually microwave some nice thick cut bacon, though that's fairly fatty.

I also make peanut butter sandwiches at least once a week for lunch (I like the Smucker's Natural w/no added sugar).

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Hi Yuna,

Mike and Michael are spot-on for protein amounts. I have difficulty getting enough as well - for now I'm shooting for a 30% of intake rather than a gram amount (I may switch if I feel I need more).

Of course meat has protein, but some non-meat sources are cottage cheese, soy, nuts, eggs (the whites have the protein if you don't want to eat the yolk) and greek yogurt - one serving of my Greek yogurt (plain) this morning was only 140 cals but 23g of protein. Others on here have said they often use Greek Yogurt in cooking in place of something like sour cream - I haven't tried it, but given the consistency of yogurt, I think it's probably a great idea! I ate it with half a serving of fresh-cut strawberries, though I will also add blueberries or sometimes raspberries to it, depending on the season.

I also like to eat shellfish, like crab or scallops or shrimp to get protein - shrimp especially are delicious to me, and very low-calorie and high-protein for the cals. Of course fish is great too! Good luck
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yeah i should eat more egg (i get em right from home on the farm) and fish too probably, i never really have fish beside a tuna sandwhich.
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Ah yes but dollar for dollar tuna is a good bet. I eat tuna frequently, it's a great source of protein. I also like nuts, especially pistachios and almonds for protein. And this is going to sound nutty, but those crackers that come with peanut butter or cheese already on them have 9 grams of protein per package. Soy nuts are also a good source of protein, I sprinkle them on my salads. Another good source that nobody has mentioned so far is protein supplements like powders and bars. I drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar right after my morning workout.
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my new fav high protein snack: 1 greek yogurt, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tablespoon peanut butter. I mix it all together and cut an apple into slices. It makes for a creamy, chocolatey/peanut butter snack. Granted the whole thing is about 400 calories (yogurt-90 cals, powder-140 cals, pb-90 cals, apple-~80 cals). Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, plus the PB adds creaminess too. It's too high in calories to eat very often, but on the weekends when I tend to sleep a bit more and thus eat a bit less overall during the day, I can splurge on some calories. And overall it's not overly high in fat or carbs. Sometimes I just drop the PB or even the powder and just have the yogurt and apples, depending on what my calorie allotment is, but you can mix and match your own options!
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Cottage cheese is loaded with protein. Some people don't like it but I do. You can sprinkle some cinnamon or add some fruit to it to help with the taste.
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I cook a cup of red lentils in 2.5 cups of chicken stock for 20 makes a lot, just measure out a cup for great protein with no fat. I also like canned fish like herring and sardines and salmon, tuna no more than twice a week due to the mercury content. I am barely eating any meat now..and in Jan. I ate meat 5-6 dinners a week!! If you eat the lentils, just log in here for mature seeds cooked in broth, it took me a bit to figure that out. I wanted to add that I have not used sour cream for 3 mths as I sub Greek yogurt for it in cooking and save a ton of fat and calories that way..hubby doesn't have a clue he is just enjoying our new fresher lighter meals!

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Default Having a hard time getting enough protein

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I'm hoping for suggestions. I'm getting tired of chicken. I don't care for eggs or seafood so what can I do to get more protein?
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Default Increasing Protein Decreasing Fat

I'm having difficulty with this because meat is so expensive here, so is fish. We get chicken regularly and it seems to be the only healthy protein I get depending on how its cooked. I had ordered some whey protein online but about to run out, and it's SOOO expensive here, and shipping is expensive..So I need ideas on ways to increase my protein intake which are fat free or extremely low fat. On a daily average my fat percentage is usually 30% while my protein is stuck at 20%. You can't imagine my carbs.

I started eating more yogurt, and chicken salads, I eat roasted chickpeas, but I have no idea what else to do.

Anyone? I don't care how weird or vague it may be. If it's here and wont cost me an arm and a leg to eat everyday I'll eat it. lol
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