Any way to log supplements?

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I'd also like to be able to enter the Pantathenic Acid for a CUSTOM food, like entering my multi-vitamin. Can't do that on the CUSTOM entry screen either!
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Default B5

Did anyone figure this out? I would like to track my B5 intake as well....
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I agree to you figure anything out???
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Yes, thanks for the email address. I am sending several now.
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Also agree, should also be tracking folic acid (vit B7?), same idea, plus everyone seems to agree that we need to have lots...
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Default Vitamins and Supplements

I take a GNC Greens Multivitamin that supplies the IU and the % of the vitamin, so I just put the % in as a custom food. Some of the things on my GNC label are not on the "nutrition food label" - so some things are not counted in - like the Panothetic Acid, Folic Acid, etc. Also I take Fish Oil and I just add the calories for it to the custom food, so it is just tracked in my food log and as calories eaten. I also take a GNC Calcium-Magnesium-Vitamin D-3 Vitamin and I add it as a % and it's tracked in my food log. That was the only way I could figure how do include them and track them.

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Wink I found a way to "fake track" Pantothenic Acid.

I created a custom food based on a food I found with it in it.
Then cleared all values in the Nutrition Facts.

When I add it to my foods for the day, I make the amount of the serving enough to add up to as close to 100% as I can get it. It took some fooling around using blank future days and now it works well.

I am taking Theragram and it contains 100% of my Pantothenic Acid requiement, but it was not showing up in the reports and it was not in the Set Nutrition Goals items avaliable.

For my Theragram I also created a custom food, as well as my daily Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin A supplement.

I cannot track B7 or Vitamin K, both of which are essential nutrients.
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I do wish that fitday had more categories for motitoring different vitamins and supplements. I take a pretty normal daily vitamin, and a third of the nutrients aren't even listed! Leaving out stuff like folic acid is especially egregious, considering how important it can be for pregnant women, and not even having an input section for caffeine? I tend to take in way too much caffeine, but have trouble keeping track of it when it comes to foods and drinks other than coffee.

As it is, I made up the supplement adding what information there was room for and try to take care of the rest by just doing the math based on the vitamin bottle, but I'm sure that some of these nutrients show up in the food I eat, especially things like vegetables that don't come with nutritional information.

Considering the demographic, it's reasonable for Fitday to focus on people who are trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, work on general cardiac health, or do important but common things like monitor their cholesterol or sugar intake. I just wish there were more options here for people who have specific but less common nutritional needs and goals.
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Default Not calculating vitamins correctly

I take two supplements, and I entered them into the "custom foods" category. One of them provides 50% of Vitamin A (among other things) and the other supplies an additional 50% of Vitamin A. However, when I enter these in my food log, Fitday does not recognize that I have taken them for Vitamin A purposes (although it does seem as though it recognizes the other vitamins in these supplements). That just seems bizarre. Am I doing something wrong?
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did you click the tab for %-RDA/AI Graph?

I just tried it and it shows my vitamin, but the percentages are off. You may be able to tweek it.
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