Any way to log supplements?

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Default Should add too: Superfoods, Omegas 3&6, antioxidants and aminos

To make extensive this application not only for weight loosing, but also for health in general would be interesting to add some aspects to the data.

I have not seen in the lists of foods the superfoods like: Goji , wheatgrass, hemp, macas and acai. These fruits and seeds has the biggest nutrient properties among all others and could help a lot if you could add them too. The raw Vegans use them a lot as a natural and vegan sources to have supplements.

Also would be intresting to include the attributes of antioxidants, and Omega 3 and 6 and aminoacids in every food element.

best regards,
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Originally Posted by Raijer
Well, I did a bit of searching through the forum to see if I could find my answer, and dug up this thread, which, more or less, asked the same question as I did:

Here's Fitday's response:

So if I understand this correctly, Fitday is saying that it takes the Govt. RDA percentage of a vitamin and converts it into its basic amount (i.e. 100% RDA of Vitamin C = 60mg). It then takes that basic amount and compares it to what you SHOULD be taking relative to your age and gender.

So, using the charts above, if I take 100% RDA of Vitamin C (60mg), Fitday reports back and says that this amount is actually only 67% of my PERSONAL requirement for Vit. C as a 47 y.o. male.

Ok, if I understand this correctly, I'll admit that I like the math. However, it does raise another criticism: Why isn't this explained somewhere?

I don't see anywhere on this site, or on the PC version where there's an explaination of where any of Fitday's numbers come from or how they can be best understood - heck, I don't even see a "Help" section anymore with the new design. All the above information is important, but it's taken me over two years to finally coax it out. This information should be readily available (especially if you're asking people to part with $30 for the PC version), and if it isn't, when the question is asked through "contact Fitday," a response should be forthcoming.

Fitday is a great product, and I still plan on using it, however, there is much room for improvement. My $.02.
Thanks for this info..... I ran a similar test using my multi and fitday RDA% were way off from what I entered. I think it is potentially dangerous for the software to manipulate the numbers. Imagine that somebody with Kidney Stones is instructed to consume no more than 100% RDA of calcium. They look at their totals and according to fitday have only consumed 50% of the RDA so they continue to eat calcium rich foods until they reach their limit according to the software. Depending on the de-rating factor applied the user could consume multiple times the daily allowance agreed upon by the rest of the free world/
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I don't think the percentages are broken at all. The RDA is not a set amount everyone must get. It's a set amount based on a 2000 calorie diet. If you are eating 3000 calories, then your amounts needed would be higher than recommended and if you have a smaller calorie need than more than likely the diet based on 2000 calories is not going to fit you. You may be getting 100% of what you need even though the RDA (based on a 2000 calorie diet) says you have less.
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I type in (laboriously, I might add) each individual supplement in my multi-vitamin/mineral. It is an onerous job and it would be wonderful if fitday could include the major brands in their data base--including Nutrilite (Amway) and HerbaLife.

My problem is that I see nutrient deficits (week after week) when I print my graph--and I go to extra lengths to add those nutrients. However, there is no place in the custom foods label to add those nutrients--like Pant.Acid or Folic Acid.

ETA: Remember that the minimum daily requirements (MDR), now called recommended daily requirements (RDA), were the numbers used to keep people from getting scurvy and rickets. I'd like to be a little healthier than THAT!
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Originally Posted by volleyballgranny
ETA: Remember that the minimum daily requirements (MDR), now called recommended daily requirements (RDA), were the numbers used to keep people from getting scurvy and rickets. I'd like to be a little healthier than THAT!

For sure. The one that I find scary low is the Magnesium RDA. I've been reading how it should be about half that of Calcium, and the RDA should be at least 500 mg, and how people who get heart attacks are found to be deficient in Mg.

So yeah, something needs to be addressed here with RDA's.
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Default Accounting for a daily multivitamin

Hello, community! I'm a brand new member, and I can't figure out how to log a multivitamin I take daily -- One A Day Women's. Because of this, my reports are showing that I'm severely lacking in many vitamins, but the RDA is covered for all of them, by the vitamin I take every day (in addition to the vitamin, I do eat very healthfully, though).

Is there a way to log a multivitamin, so I get a more accurate representation on my reports?

Thanks so much!
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I was looking for some way to add vitamins, but then I realized that I shouldn't add them. Knowing approximately what I am getting from my food alone, tells me what I might need as a supplement. Adding the supplement might hide those facts.

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