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  • Thank you, you're doing great as well!

    Now, I just had a look at the Premium page, and it costs $49.95 for a year. FitDayPC costs $29.95 (one-time fee). I'm wondering how you got the link for FitDayPC v.1 at all--very strange.

    So the total cost should have been $79.90 for both a year of Premium (required for syncing) AND FitDayPC v. 2. Now, I suspect that a little Googling might find you a $10 coupon code so you can get FitDayPC for $19.95.

    Hope this helps, and I know the IB folks (owners of FitDay) do eventually respond. When did you email support? I suspect the weekend might slow down any response.

  • Quote: The help option does not work- I get an error message when I try to click it. I have done a through search- the word sync is nowhere in any option- nor is there a sync icon.
    The only thing I can make of this is, the software is not installed correctly or cannot run correctly with your operating system. Try reinstalling the software and make sure it installs completely.

    What version of operating system are you using? FD runs on Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98 . Are you trying to run it on 7?

    Like Michael, I find it very odd that you were sent an outdated version of software. That link would have been removed long ago, so I really find it difficult believing you're running "Version 1".

    Here's the link to download. Unless you found the software somewhere else, there is no way you would have downloaded v1
  • Vito & Michael

    Hey you two. Just checking in. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for trying to help me this weekend- what a fiasco. It's been a crazy week- so busy at work and my husband is away on business this week- I have been flying solo handling everything on the homefront myself. Finally finally finally got this resolved TONIGHT. Logged in as a premium member 5 mins ago. Need to hop off line and do somethings here before I go to bed. I will log back in this weekend and share the resolution info with you- it may help the next person who encounters the same issues I did. And yes, I finally did get in touch with the folks at FitDay. ) Happy- though still a tad confused- Camper. )
  • Great news!

    And yes, updating this thread will be very helpful for others. I'm pleased everything is working out for you.
  • Just FYI, we have a new CS representative here, over the last few weeks, and she has been doing great work getting folks like amusin the help they need; as soon as I passed this one off to her, she got right on it, helping to diagnose the issue.

    I expect the CS facet to run really well now. Let me know if this isn't the case, mods

    Glad you're back in the game, amusin!

  • Great news! FitDay Premium and PC work very well and it's nice to know CS is there if needed.



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