Activity not in database: How to customize an existing activity?

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It would be a nice option to just be able to type in calories burned. I use a Polar heart rate monitor, so I have an accurate calorie burn....wish I could just type in the stats. However, what I do is select running at the speed it would take me to burn the amount of calories I burned in that workout in the same amount of time.
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Default having trouble

I am trouble in exercise in correctly, I am in the web version, switch between classic n 2.0. And either find a button add activities that is not on list
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In V2 mode, to add an activity, click on the "Log" tag and then select "activity" below.

To add an activity in classic mode, click on the activities tab and enter the activity on the far left (in the drop down boxes)

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I am trouble in exercise in correctly, I am in the web version, switch between classic n 2.0. And either find a button add activities that is not on list
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I just signed up for Fitday today, I'm on a pc. Why isn't elliptical listed when I search on it? I see that has been an issue for a long time.
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stationary bike only lets me enter time, but not distance
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I see that issues and requests raised in this thread, going back seven years, have never been addressed. Examples include requests for more types of yoga (ashtanga is more vigorous than an easy hatha), pilates, and elliptical machines. Do Fitday staff EVER read the forums and implement/update features that users request? The impression I get is a solid "no."

One of my frustrations (in addition to the ones cited above) is running paces. From 5.5 min/mile through 9 min/mile, the paces go in a .5-min/mile progression (5.5; 6; 6.5; 7;7.5; 8; 8.5; 9). After that, the options are 10 min/mile, 11.5 min/mile and 12 min/mile. What the heck? So if you do a run and your pace was 10.5, you're supposed to round up to 11.5? Did someone decide that anyone doing a slower pace than 9 min/mile doesn't care about precision? One possible solution would be just to have users enter time and distance--and then Fitday could make a precise calculation of pace. Like 3 miles in 33:50 = 11:17 min/mile.
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