Trying to Use FitDay to Gain Weight? Read Me!

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Bump. Are any admins reading these forums? How hard is it to disable a simple check in the code and let us all create a plan to GAIN weight.
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A lot of pregnant girls complain about this too.
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Cool Not just the guys

There are women that would like to gain weight, although they don't tend to admit it because of the negative reaction from those that are trying to lose it. For job related issues, strength and power, I would like to gain at least 10 pounds of lean mass and I hope this site will be helpful. Eventually, I hope, this site will recognize that some of us are under our desired weight and will help us achieve our goals.
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According to the book "Diets Don't work," the one surefire way to GAIN WEIGHT is to go on a diet.
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Default Gaining Weight

I would also like to gain muscle (which would cause me to gain lbs) and this website which is otherwise extremely helpful, won't let me set a goal above my current weight. PLEASE CHANGE THAT FIT DAY!
I am wimpy and working with you to get strong. Help me get there.
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I am having the same issue here. This should be a simple implementation.
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i hate to suggest this but look at the reason behind why you want to gain weight and find a more appropriate place to track it. just remember you could reverse those numbers to get an idea on how much more a day you would have to eat. but remember to gain weight you just have to eat more then you burn. maybe a bodybuilding site may help you best.
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Default gaining weight

hi im 17 years old but 18 in 4 to 3 days and im 5"7 and im 100 pound can you help me 2 Put on weight and idea plz because i got a fast Metabolism cheers
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Just like someone trying to lose weight you need to monitor your calories. Except you need to be at a significant calorie surplus, and hit the weight room with vigor.

At 100 pounds you would probably do well gaining weight at around 3000 or 2500 calories. You can't just eat and think you are eating a lot and expect to gain weight. You need to document everything.

And not any old food will do. Healthy food, fruits veggies, whole grains, lean meats. You cannot eat junk food and expect to put on quality lean mass.

Its going to take a lot of diligence in the kitchen and with your nutrition to be gaining weight.

It basically boils down to this: heavy lifting, calorie surplus, consistency.

A good program to start with is: StrongLifts 5x5: The Ultimate Strength and Muscle Program |

Good luck and don't give up early, it takes lots of time. You will gain about .5-1 pound per week, if you stick with the program. Over a few months that will really add up.
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You can also check out for more information, support and inspiration. They have a Teen Transformation of the week feature that may be especially pertinent to you. There is also a thread in their forums called Transformations From Skinny to Mass. Here is the link **Transformations from skinny to mass pics*** (post them everybody) - Forums
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