How to exercise? -very limited time

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Originally Posted by Kathy13118
Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises - it's a paperback book with a plan for a limited set of simple exercises you can do anywhere - home, outside, inside, while traveling for business, on vacation, whatever. It's simple, neat and elegant because it is designed to take up x minutes of your time. No special clothes, no special shoes, no special place, just your motivation to stick with it. By the time you reach the level goal you are aiming for, you have exercised regularly and increased gradually to a number of repetitions. It's awesome. It's boring to describe but with music or while watching TV, not really so boring.... just doesn't sound too snazzy, does it.
Thank you Kathy, will look at these.
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you can do plank, yoga or meditation if you have less time.
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Wow!This is a very nice and worthy advice, maybe I should have a try like you do
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Apart from a well planned and scheduled workout program remember "Incidental Fitness". This means all the little things like, not using the tv remote but getting up to change the channel, using the stairs not the escalator, parking a block from work and walking to the office. All these little things add up.
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Nice tips for how to exercise in Limited time. I would like to use it.
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Default How to exercise? -very limited time

The first three exercises make up your warm-up. Perform each for the amount of time noted.
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I love bike riding for exercise, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to buy next i'm looking for a bike to commute with?
im currently looking at a Cube Hyde Pro Women, any thoughts or suggestions?

Would love to hear from you all, thank you
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Default work out

I do sit ups, leg lifts and pushups at home. Not much time for me either
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Exercise is very important to health,but there is proper way to do exercise.So you should take advise from expert.
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This is definitely not the most cost effective option, but you could always get a treadmill or an incline trainer. Using workout machines with an incline can really help you lose calories in a short amount of time. You could always use the machines after your kids go to bed. But I would take the other comments into consideration and try to find activities with your kids that are more physically demanding for you. Finding something that you can do with your kids, as well as helping your fitness goals, will be the most effective option.
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