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Default Pilates?

I do pilates but it is not an activity option. How can I calculate that into my activity log?
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Hi Lashawncorrea, the closest thing I've found on the site for Pilates is Calisthenics which is a kind of toning exercise.

I wish they'd update their lists with modern worlwide sports - I do some of the Body Combat/Body Attack classes which I have to put under Judo!

Hope that helps
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I categorize my pilates workout under "calisthenics, light or moderate".

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Default Pilaties

I have been going to Pilaties and I was wondering how I can input it into FITDAY. Any thoughts?
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When I do it, I input it as yoga or mild calisthenics. I went to this site The Most Accurate Calories Burned Estimator to tell me how many calories pilates burned for me at my weight and then hunted in the FitDay activities for something that would give me about the same number.
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If I've been doing moderate weight lifting, would I be able to sub in pilates every now and then and still keep all the muscle tone I've built? I'm looking for alternatives to my current workouts and I used to really enjoy pilates. I'm hoping to sub it in a few days a week once I hit my "maintenance" stage.
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Default Pilates

do they really not have pilates in the activity list? Does anyone know how many calories it burns per hour?

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It's in here...enter your weight and level of pilates you do: The Most Accurate Calories Burned Estimator.

Don't get me started on the shortcomings of the activity section of this site...
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Smile Pilates and Core Conditioning Thread

Hello Everyone,

I am still new here and trying to get a conversation going about pilates and/or core conditioning exercises. I have being both of these, as well as the Active2 (for PS3 video game), and am doing fairly well with my loss so far. I am wanting to add a bit more cardio in and really trying to find ways to do that.

I have tried to do some running/speed walking and this is a really horrible thing for knees hurt something awful after this. Besides swimming, what are some exercises that would give me more cardio and be in-line with the core conditioning that I have being doing?

I am interested in comments from anyone using core conditioning and pilates to get in shape and what tips you may have. Thanks
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I've got lots of joint pain, and I pretty much can't do anything impact at all. I really love the arc trainer at my gym, which is very similar to an elliptical machine. I can really get the heart going and fly on that thing with no pain whatsoever. I also have a kundalini yoga workout that's got some pretty intense joint friendly cardio, but there is a little bit of jumping so I have to modify it. Kundalini is very free-form though, so it's easy to make modifications and my total lack of coordination isn't a problem . I used to do step aerobics, they're good in a limited space and no impact, but I don't know if it would bother your knees or not. If the height of the step is a problem, just do it on flat ground.
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