Calorie burned for 248lb man correct?

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Default Calorie burned for 248lb man correct?


I reached this site from Abs book suggestion.

I was wondering where I could recalculate my daily at rest calorie requirements,
When using this program I get over 3200 calories which seems a little high to me. I am 6 foot 3.5 inches. Have a bit of a tire around my waste but in general pretty good shape for 52 years old (with bad knees).

Where can I recalculate a different caloric requirement to double check. I looked in dieting for dummies and came up with a little lower number. Anywhere else i can calculate?


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If you Google "daily calorie needs," you will come up with a bunch of calculators. I like this one and feel it was pretty much dead on for me:
Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

Some of us feel it's more accurate if we enter our sleep hours in the daily activity log, which brings the total daily calorie burn down some. Also, I know that some have mentioned setting your daily activity level to the lowest one there is in order to bring it down even more.

Good luck; I feel it's better to underestimate your calorie burn than to overestimate it . Welcome to FitDay!
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You used something from Dieting for Dummies and came up with a slightly lower number? What's 'slightly lower'? I mean, these are just going to be ballpark figures anyway. If it's close at all, then the fitday calculation is probably correct - enough.

I'm guessing that you don't really measure and count every single thing you eat. If you are meticulous about this, you'll find out that it is extremely (I mean shockingly) easy to eat around 3,000 calories. I went to a restaurant one night and had a fairly 'healthy meal,' eyeballed the amounts, came home, put the stuff in fitday and already, I was almost 3,500 calories for that day. The day had been low-cal enough to begin with!

Eat as many things as you can that have the nutrition printed right on the package or box (including fresh, washed vegetables), measure oils and butter, don't eat anything that isn't measured and truly the quantity that you enter in fitday and you'll see over a couple days how much you actually do eat. How easy it is to eat 3,000 calories!

If you're eating that much and losing weight - because that's your 'RESTING' BMR - then you can rest assured that's pretty much what your BMR is. You can even add calories to that and see what you can eat and still lose weight.
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Default Thanks guys

Thanks for the replies. I know it is pretty easy to eat 3000 calories so hopefully this will help me realize my intake.

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