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Question How Many Calories Do You Burn?

Hi all,

Just wondering, ballpark, how many calories you burn per exersize session.
I was on the excersize bike last night watching Buffy for about an hour and a half, and the bike told me I'd done 600 calories. Can that be right?
I wasn't going hard at it or anything, just cycling mindlessly while I watched the DVDs, and was very surprised when I saw the calorie count.
Most days, that's more than I'd even eat in a day!

For those that read my P90X posts, I've put that on hold until I move again in a month so I'm more settled, in the meantime I'm just going to use the bike and go for walks with my housemates when they take the dog out.

Thanks all.

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Well it all depends on the workout, and on how much you weigh. At my heaviest I could burn 700-800 in an hour on the elliptical, now I only burn about 550-600 in that same amount of time. Also different types of workouts burn more than others. Weight lifting doesn't give me near the burn that I get from cardio or swimming, but I need the weight lifting to build muscle. I would guess that unless you have to enter your weight into the bike console that the calorie count is not too accurate.
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