Is movement good enough???

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Do something is better than doing nothing at all.


and here it comes

it all depends on how much effort you put into what you do.

I'll use what I have experienced on my treadmill as an example. I started out only being able to walk on a 1% incline @ 2mph for 5 minutes and I was exhausted, panting, dizzy and about to throw up when I staggered off the belt of pain. It really was that hard at the start but I pushed through it daily and did my little 5 min walk. As it got easier so i increased the incline OR the speed as time went by. As of this week I am now walking at a 10% incline at a speed of 3.1 mph for 30 minutes but I have figured out that if I am not dripping sweat and breathing hard by 25 minutes it's time for an increase, at the moment I am hitting 20 minutes and I have to focus and fight my way to 30 minutes but I still manage to stagger off the treadmill at the end but i recover a lot faster now it all depends on how hard you push yourself during your workout.

What I am trying to explain is that my cardio for me is my limit at the moment but someone who is in better condition could breeze throw it at twice the everything I do but I don't care because what I am doing works for me and you have to find what works for you. Keep reading and learning and stealing other peoples ideas and suggestions and use them for yourself in ways that work for you.
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Great answer, I totaly agree. This is a journey about striving to improve yourself. Everyone starts at a different place. Do what you can, consistently, and try to improve. For some that may mean just taking a walk.

I read an article in Muscle & Fitness last night about a US Army vet that was going through rehab after he was wounded in Afghanistan. One of the first goals he set for himself was to walk the 70 yards from one building to another without stopping. The first time he tried he had to stop twice. He endeavored and recently squatted 1,000 pounds (there is apparently a you tube video).
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As others have mentioned I think it depends on where you are at and what your goals are.

If you are obese and just want to lose weight, just getting off of the couch and eating right will allow you to burn more fat. In fact, just going for a daily walk and doing some light weight training can get you a good healthy build.

However, if you are trying to get a six-pack then you will have to have intense workouts and will have to lift weights.

Some people have been blessed in genetics and require a lot less to get to those abs while others have cured genetics and will have to work extremely hard for them.
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EliteFTS sells a variety of gym equipment and have a great selection. They aren't necessarily the cheapest, but they have sales going on all the time and they ship to the 48 mainland states. Right now until tomorrow they have an up-to-70% off sale going on if you want to cash in on that. If you can't find something on the site call them up; their customer service is awesome.
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My workouts are very structured.

I feel it helps me stay on task, get stronger faster, and see results faster. I have all my lifts laid out on a spreadsheet so I can record my weight and reps and put more energy into doing the lifts instead of wandering around the gym thinking about what my next lift should be. I did one routine for a month and now I've started a new routine. Last night I was genuinely excited to do my workout today. I feel like the more structure the better, but its probably different for everyone, my goals might be different than yours.
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Originally Posted by collegefbfan8898 View Post
Hey guys. I need two to four more 10 pound plates for my dumbbells and barbell. Any place to get them cheap and shipping won't kill me. I have standard (not Olympic) bar.

By the way for standard bars, do they make plates bigger than 10 poounds?

You could try for those plates! My brother found a good set a few months ago.
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