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Default not a runner

I currently weigh 148 lbs and am 5'6". I am a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding in December and the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids are really thin. I would like to be down to 130 by the wedding. Here's the issue, I hate running and walking gets boring after so long. As for my diet, I don't drink pop and rarely drink juice. According to the calorie tracker, I usually have a difficult time reaching the suggested calories. Any ideas?
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Default How about a bicycle?

18 lbs in 6 or 7 months is very do-able (3 lbs a month). Just expend 3500 calories more than you eat in a week and you will lose a pound a week.

The key for your exercise is to get the heart rate up. Running will do it faster that many exercises, but there is no point in starting an exercise program you know you won't stick with. So the trick is to find something you like. Are you an outdoorsy type? Biking and hiking are great. If you have access to a gym, YMCA, community center, etc. all of them offer aerobic, yoga, pilates and/or some sort of dancing classes. These can be great exercises and a fun social opportunity. Swimming requires access to a pool, preferrably indoor for year-round access, but it is maybe the best exercise of all.

Do you have an iPod? Most people find that listening to something really makes the time fly. You might enjoy walking a little more if you have something to distract you.

Finally, try and find a group of active people to hook up with. An existing club, or create a new club with your friends, that gets together for some sort of activity. This way exercise isn't a chore, an obligation, or yet another task on the todo list, but is fun and part of your social structure.

Good luck, I think you will find that exercise will benefit you in more ways than just the weight loss.
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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
The key for your exercise is to get the heart rate up.
I will partially agree with you there, RBS. Heart rate is one part of the equation, but for the goal of weight loss you need to make your body burn through an insane amount of calories.

Cardio achieves this in the short term by making the heart pump hard and depleting the body's glycogen reserves. Then when you finish, the body replenishes its glycogen reserves by stripping glycerol from fat and turning it into glucose, which is chained together to make glycogen.

Weight lifting, on the other hand, breaks down muscle tissue in response to stress, and spends the next day rebuilding and reinforcing it. That's where the next-day soreness comes from (happens when you bike/hike for a long time as well). You don't burn nearly as many calories when you're actually in the gym, but outside the gym as the body is trying to repair the muscle, it's burning through fat as the preferred fuel source and using up the body's protein stores to build fresh muscle.

norakathleen8, both of these components are essential to getting down to your target, which is completely doable in my opinion. It's okay to lift weights and lift heavy weights; the idea that women will "bulk up" overnight somehow is a complete myth (women don't have enough testosterone to build so much muscle in the first place; plus, a lot of guys who want to have trouble building up as well, so, it's pretty much not going to happen).

As for calories, choose energy-dense foods that aren't heavy on the gut, such as ó eggs, veggies, whole (full fat) dairy, nuts and seeds. Eat less porous food that fills you up, like breads and cereals. You can get all the fiber you need from leafy greens and fibrous fruit.

Good luck!
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I had the same problem with running. I love running, but I get really bored in about 10 minutes, so I have a tough time running for long enough to actually do much. I have an ipod shuffle and so I downloaded some walking and running podcasts and I have been able to run 6 or 8 k 2 or 3 times a week without boredom. The podcasts play music for about an hour at a certain beat, so I find the mind really works on keeping to the beat rather than getting bored.

Anyway, if you are really interested in walking and have access to an ipod, it may help. If you can find a hill or stairs to walk up, it will help build muscle and burn calories and give you something to think about besides just walking.
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I feel your pain. I hate to run as well. Recently I have started to bike and I would highly recommend this. Biking is lots of fun, its easy (no pounding on your knees and back) and you can go farther and faster with (seemingly) lots less effort.

I've found that the key to fat burning is to jump start your metabolism and the best way to do this is by riding SLOWLY!! Also, eating more often but smaller meals keeps your metabolism going.

Depending on where you live, there are lots of bicycle clubs that ride together and the rides cater to each person's experience and ability. Nice people too! Hope you have a great time at your brother's wedding.
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